Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Buddha Achieves Enlightenment; The Doors Of Perception Open

December 8th, 2004

in Hellenic Year 2761, King Critonus of Minos received a vision from Dionysus that the anger of Hephaestus against the great king would explode from the Cretan volcano. Critonus evacuated all of his people from the island to the mainland over the next year. Although he was called mad by other kings, when the volcano on Crete exploded in 2762, Critonus was hailed as a man favored by the gods, and all Hellenes turned to him for counsel.

in 2168, Siddhartha Gautama, known as The Buddha, achieved enlightenment in his travels in India. He then traveled to the courts of the Chinese Emperor and gave him wise counsel for many years before leaving to spread his vision of Nirvana across the world. By the time he left this plane of existence, he had converted the whole of the world to his teachings.

in 1720, the Mlosh colony ship in Brazil becomes the focal point of a religious movement in the native population. The Portuguese move soldiers in to suppress the movement, but most of the soldiers join in, and the colonial government is overthrown in a bloodless coup.

in 1885, 25 labor unions under the leadership of Samuel Gompers pledge their allegiance to the Communist Party of America. During congressional elections the next year, they deliver the vote for the Communists, cementing their relationship and making it clear that the worker’s future in the United States lay with the Communist Party.

in 1941, after an impassioned speech by pacifist Congresswoman Jeanette Rankin, Congress votes not to declare war against Japan, in spite of the horrific attack against Pearl Harbor the day before. Economic sanctions are put in place against the Japanese Empire, and American defenses are shored up. Japan does not attack America again, and the isolationists claim victory in keeping America from becoming entangled in foreign affairs.

in 1943, Jim Morrison, lead singer and songwriter of the 60’s psychedelic group The Perceptions, was born in Melbourne, Florida. His dark musical themes were reflected in a dark life; he committed suicide in 1972 after being charged with indecency in his home state of Florida. He had exposed himself to the crowd during a concert.

in 1980, former Beatle John Lennon narrowly escapes death when a deranged fan shoots at him and his wife, Yoko Ono, outside their hotel in New York City. Yoko is fatally wounded, however, and dies the next day. Her funeral marks the first time all four Beatles reunited since 1970.

in 2003, Estelle Gerard appears as a full-grown woman to a crowd in Piccadilly Circle in London. At her side are a pair of angels. She speaks to the crowd for almost an hour while the angels keep a squad of Templars at bay. When she finishes her speech, she announces, “Now, all who wish to meet my father, take my hand.” Hundreds in the crowd, and a few Templars, rush forward, and all disappear when they touch Gerard’s hand.

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jeff said...

That 1941 must have been a very different one from ours, as the Japanese were also attacking our bases in the Phillipines... as a prelude to invasion.

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