Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Space/Time Continuum Rips Open

December 30th, 2004

in 47,392 BCE, a few hundred feet up the side of the Himalayas, Telka the Speaker slips into a crack and twists her ankle. She is trapped for hours before her great-granddaughter Swikolay is able to free her. Unable to continue on, she tells Swikolay, “The mountain has beaten me, for now. But, we will be back.”

in 1835, the Cherokee nation joined the North American Confederation. The discovery of gold in their land made them quite prominent in North America, and the N.A.C. had been courting them for decades.

in 1839, in a cross-Atlantic joining of horror writers, Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe were married in Baltimore, Maryland. Mrs Shelley, widowed a decade before by the death of her husband Percy, had found a kindred spirit in Poe in America, after he wrote a congratulatory letter to her on the publication of her novel The Modern Prometheus.

in 1884, Hideki Tojo, the great Japanese fighter against the New Reich, was born in Tokyo. The general marshaled Japan in its darkest hour against the onslaught of the Reich in the 1940’s, and managed to keep the island free until 1957, when he was killed in the nuclear blast that destroyed Tokyo.

in 1916, Grigory Rasputin, the rationalist philosopher responsible for Tsar Nicholas II’s embrace of science, is attacked by nobles in the Tsar’s court as he dines. Although they manage to wound him with knives and a gunshot, he is able to escape them and get to a hospital, where he makes a full recovery.

in 1950, Secretary of State Comrade Jacob Hatcher calls for a renewed Amercian effort against the reactionaries of the world. “Capitalism is on the march,” he declared in a statement to Congress, “our way of life is menaced.” In calling for the curtailing of certain rights, he said, “No sacrifices are too great when the future of this nation is at stake.”

in 1968/4664/12-17-15-6-18/2721 AUC, a rip in the time/space continuum opens a few hundred miles north of the equator. People and things from several different timelines mingle together, not all peacefully. Dr. Richard Tolman, who has been warning the leaders of these timelines for several days, contacts them to coordinate the efforts to control the damage this rip is causing.

in 1999, computer programmer Linus Torvald posts on his web site that a majority of computers in the world are going to crash due to the Y2K bug, a defect in their manufacture that doesn’t allow them to roll their dates over to the year 2000. He is dismissed as a crank by most of the leading manufacturers of computer software and hardware in the world.

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