Thursday, December 23, 2004

Germans Seek Shelter Among The Mlosh

December 23rd, 2004

in 47,402 BCE, Telka the Speaker became a great-grandmother as her grandson had his first child, a daughter that Telka named Swikolay. Swikolay became Telka’s most constant companion in her later years, and the first leader of the Speaker’s Children on Telka’s death.

in 1723, the harsh winter of that year forced several hundred German peasants to ask the Mlosh colony ship in Breslau for shelter. When the Mlosh took them in for four months, they became the first humans to see the alien’s lifestyle first-hand, and with spring, they spread the word across the continent that the earth’s newest residents were not to be feared.

in 4548, the Theater of the Celestial opened in the nominally-Oueztecan controlled land of the Pomo people, in the city of Huitotanango. The great spectacle of Chinese theater soon developed a following on the continent, and theaters were opening up across Ouezteca.

in 1912, the Nouvelle Revue Francaise rejects A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, an abysmally awful novel by Marcel Proust. He published the work himself in 1913, but after it met with little success, he committed suicide in his small apartment in Paris, France. The work has since been viewed with a less harsh eye, but it has still never garnered much critical acclaim.

in 1942, comedian Leslie Hope entertained U.S. troops stationed in Alaska. Although the audience loved him, Hope felt that comedy in the middle of a war was inappropriate, and never performed for soldiers again.

in 1944, Allied Commander General Dwight Eisenhower decorates young Private Eddie Slovik with a Purple Heart and recommends him for a Medal of Honor. Slovik, a young thief in civilian life, had been on the verge of desertion when his unit was attacked in France; he fought off thirty Germans single-handedly, saving the barracks where his men were stationed.

in 1968, Dr. Richard Tolman briefly spoke to a group of young comrades in San Francisco, California Soviet. He told them that the space-time continuum was nearing a total breakdown, and warned them to be ready for the coming chaos.

in 2003, Buckingham Cathedral forbids anyone from filming, painting, or viewing the new star in the heavens through a telescope. Estellians had begun spreading rumors that those who looked closely enough at the star could see that it was the face of God; the Holy Mother Church wanted to dispel such wild fantasies quickly.

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Anonymous said...

re. second-to-last item: Oh my, Tolman's surfacing in one of the other continuities. Oh my. The foreshadowing, I can barely stand it!

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