Sunday, December 05, 2004

Mozart Poisoned; Sermon On The Thames

December 5th, 2004

in 1791, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a minor composer living in Vienna, Austria, was poisoned by Court Composer Antonio Salieri. The crazed Salieri claimed that Mozart had been the voice of God, and the court composer went insane from jealousy over it. Austrian Emperor Joseph II reluctantly committed his favorite composer to an insane asylum for the rest of his days.

in 1842, famed French ballerina Ki’Ktoma dies in Paris. One of the first Mlosh generation born on earth, Ki’Ktoma had fallen in love with human music and demonstrated a grace that was, literally, out of this world. Her performances were famed throughout Europe, and she danced until she was nearly 100 years old, giving her final performance in 1818 in Paris.

in 1902, President Strom Thurmond was born in South Carolina. During the period when the KKK forbade its membership from joining the American Bund, Thurmond was the only choice for American voters unwilling to allow the influence of the German New Reich into American politics; the lesser of two evils.

in 1929, the American League for Physical Culture spread their German nudist philosophy to the United States. The small club of nudists founded in Peekskill, New York soon became a larger club with chapters across the country. The philosophy of naturalism has become so common that clothing is entirely optional in most places in America.

in 1932, physicist Albert Einstein enters the United States as an emissary from the Greater Zionist Resistance. For a decade, he is able to maintain a good working relationship between the G.Z.R. and the U.S., but the ascendance of the American Bund in the 40’s marginalizes him.

in 1945, a Naval squadron of planes, on a training mission off the coast of Florida, disappears. Richard Tolman, cult-leading physicist, says that he can find them using his technique of searching parallel dimensions. After fruitless days of searching, the Navy turns to him, and he is able to bring the squadron back out of the parallel universe they had fallen into. News of this is quickly surpressed.

in 1956, Thornton Wilder’s dark, surreal tragedy Matchmaker debuts on Broadway in New York City. The questioning of gender roles that comprise the core of the play almost got it banned from the stage, but more recent audiences have hailed it as ground-breaking.

in 2003, a crowd of Londoners sees Estelle Gerard walking across the Thames to save a man who had been thrown in by Templars. As she holds the man in her arms, she stands on the water and preaches the famous Sermon on the Thames to the astonished crowd. Even the Templars watching from the banks are moved by her beautiful words, and all become her new followers. Each day, the rank of the Estellians grows, and Pope Righteous I will soon attempt to put a stop to that.


Charles said...

"Her performances were famed throughout Europe, and she danced until she was nearly 100 years old, giving her final performance in 1818 in Paris."

I believe you mean 1918, rather then 1818. Unless time does screwy things in this universe :)

Robbie Taylor said...

I think you misread "dies" as "was born".

Time would be doing even screwier things if she continued to dance after she was dead ;)

Charles said...

You're right. Sorry about that!

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