Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Sacred Birth; The Wonders Of Christmas

December 25th, 2004

in 0, a young couple in the Near East have a child that is destined to change the world, that will be truly known as the son of God. His mother is a virgin, and men come from afar to show him respect and give him gifts. His name, which will be trumpeted across the world, is Mithra.

in 0, Joseph of Nazareth and Mary, his young bride, give birth to a son in the town of Bethlehem, where they had gone for a Roman census of their land. Four men of distant lands bring the newborn gifts, saying that he is to be the King of Kings, the Messiah of the Hebrew people. The gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold are easily understood by the Hebrew couple; but the gift of something called a time/space locator, from the wise man known as Tolman, completely mystifies them.

in 4 B.C., Yeshua of Nazareth is born while his family is visiting relatives in Bethlehem. A charismatic speaker and innovative religious philosopher, Yeshua reenergizes the Hebrew faith through his subtle interpretation of God as Father, where previous rabbis had only taught of Him as Lord. This new vision of the faith swept Judaism, and helped it extend even to the Gentiles, who converted in mass numbers during Rabbi Yeshua’s life. His son continued his teachings, and Yeshua’s vision of Judaism is now the dominant sect in the world’s most numerous faith.

in 753 AUC, Roman soldiers capture a married Hebrew couple that are attempting to escape the census. While they are in prison, the woman gives birth to a boy, whom the soldiers take away. Although the woman is hysterical over the child, the couple is to be imprisoned for their crime, so they will not be able to raise the boy. He is adopted by Romans, and rises to command of the Senate as Caius Jesus Bethlehemus.

in 1914, British and German troops begin an unofficial truce in the war in France. They warily cross the no-man’s land they had been fighting over, exchange drink, food and small gifts; they even play football together. When they are ordered to begin fighting by their superiors, they refuse; their rebellion spreads across the lines until a great pacifist movement topples the governments of all the European powers fighting in the war, and replaces them with governments committed to peace.

in 1998, after decades of neglect, Comrade President Sam Webb lights an official Christmas Tree at the White House, and Christians across the Soviet States of America display their own trees openly again. The Communist Party’s embrace of religious freedom is a sign that the party is the instrument of the people again, and is hailed across the world as a miracle.

in 2001, Eurasia celebrates its first Christmas since the overthrow of the German Reich. In a gesture of reconciliation, the Eurasian Union hosts representatives of the Semitic-African Resistance at their headquarters in Berlin, and a declaration is signed by delegates from all the nations that they would never allow the slaughter of the last century to occur again.

in 2003, Estelle Gerard descends from Heaven to Buckingham Cathedral, a host of angels around Her. As the order to sack Jerusalem is given, She opens the walls of the Cathedral with a clap of Her hands, and calls Pope Righteous out to face Her. They struggle for the day, as Estelle’s host flies to Jerusalem to aid its defenders against the horde facing them.

From all of us at the Alternate History Academy, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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Anonymous said...

> but the gift of something called a time/space locator,
> from the wise man known as Tolman, completely mystifies them.

Thank you. This just made my day.
Keep up the good work.


electricinca said...

Tolman as a fourth wise man was an inspired touch that made me laugh out loud, great stuff.

Merry Christmas Robbie and keep up the truly excellent work.

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