Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's Day

April 1st, 2005

in 649, Celts of the northern lands slaughtered a small group of Christians that attempted to make fun of them when they celebrated their new year. No one dared play a prank on the Celtic New Year again.

in 12-0-2-10-6, the Oueztecan Empire signed a pact of non-agression with the Wampanoag of the northeast. Considered unnecessary by most of the Wampanoag’s neighbors, it proved to be the main reason for the Wampanoag’s continued freedom when the Oueztec began their conquest of the great northeast.

in 1816, Jane Austen takes the advice of the Prince Regent and begins work on her first Scientific Romance, Persuasion. This classic tale of love rejected among the moons of Mars has enchanted readers ever since.

in 1924, Adolf Hitler, leader of the small National Socialist German Worker’s Party, secured power in Munich, Germany and set his followers in positions of power throughout the region. The abysmal failure of his policies, coupled with a successful propaganda campaign by the Weimar Republic, sent the N.S.D.A.P. into a tailspin and Hitler back into obscurity by the year’s end.

in 1970, AMC became the victim of a rather expensive prank when the design that engineers sent in as a joke became the Gremlin. When news of the joke hit the street, the car couldn’t be given away.

in 1972, the South Chilean guerillos launch an attack on Val Paraiso in North Chile, just miles from the capitol at Santiago. Part of the La Serena Offensive, it succeeded in leveling large parts of Val Paraiso, but was not very successful in capturing territory. The Soviet States of America and North Chile both announced the counter-attack as a win for their alliance.

in 1997, Indian and Egyptian troops march into the Northern Transvaal. South African President Terreblanche’s National Front troops have lost all the territory they had conquered, and are now just fighting to keep their own. President Shephard of the U.S., South Africa’s only ally, is fighting troops in his own land, as well, and gathering together the people he will move from Washington to Norad with him.

in 2004, the Sheridan’s ship flies through a heavy meteor shower. Although they raise the shields quickly, they are unable to tell if their super-cooled chamber on the outside of the ship was damaged. Jacob Sheridan prepares for a spacewalk to examine the damage.

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