Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Assassinations & Missed Chances

November 22nd, 2005

in 1863, during a visit to Dallas, Mexico, North American Confederation First Chancellor T’Grito is assassinated as his procession leads through the center of the city. T’Grito had been unpopular in the Mexican state since his economic policies had caused rampant unemployment in the region. Human League activists took credit for the murder, their first outside the British Isles.

in 1962, during a visit to Dallas, Texas Soviet, Comrade President Joel Rosenberg is shot to death by a fanatical counter-revolutionary, Lee Oswald. Many investigations have proven that Comrade Rosenberg was killed by a lone gunman, but conspiracy theorists continue to insist that there was a plot to kill the President, and Oswald was simply the patsy.

in 1963, during a visit to Dallas, Texas, President Kennedy narrowly escapes death when a crazed gunman shoots at him from a book depository. Governor John Connally of Texas, traveling with him, is fatally injured when bullets meant for the president strike him, instead.

in 1963, during a visit to Dallas, Texas, President Nixon is shot and killed by gunmen firing from a book depository and a grassy knoll on the route. Republican Senatorial candidate John Tower, traveling with him in the motorcade, was wounded as well. Investigations into the assassination proved that a conspiracy of communists and Mafioso were behind the killing; his successor, President Henry Cabot Lodge, used the assassination as a spur to halt organized crime and communist infiltration into American society.

in 1963, during a visit to Dallas, Texas, President Lyndon Johnson is assassinated by a crazed gunman angry with his Cuban policy. Johnson, who only narrowly won the Democratic nomination against his eventual running mate, John Kennedy of Massachusetts, as well as narrowly winning the general election against Vice-President Richard Nixon, was missed by all when the inexperienced Kennedy assumed the presidency. Kennedy proved a disaster in office, making several misjudgements that plunged America deeper into conflict in Vietnam as well as ignoring civil rights movements in the south. He was defeated by Senator Barry Goldwater in the election the next year.

in 12-17-10-3-13, during a visit to the Apache of their northern possessions, Oueztecan Emperor Kanticli is killed by lunatics opposed to his Yucatanian Gulf war. Kanticli had planned to ease restrictions against the rebel islands in the gulf the following year, but his successor, Emperor Quetzos, stepped up the reprisals against the islands in revenge.

in 1963, during a visit to Dallas, Texas, President John Kennedy is assassinated. Although the initial investigation tries to pin the killing on a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, (who was conveniently murdered before being brought to trial), subsequent investigations show that the killing was the work of a dazzling cabal of Mafioso, communists, aliens, Republicans, Illuminati, Masons and Merovingians seeking to stop Kennedy’s ascension to the order of high exalted ones. Little did they know that their very action caused his ascension, and now he is one with the other Most High Ones.

in 1963, during a visit to Dallas, Texas, President John Kennedy manages to mend some fences with conservative Democrats unhappy with his somewhat liberal policies. In a related event, a man was killed during the President’s motorcade ride through the city when he fell from the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository. It was assumed that the former Marine, Lee Harvey Oswald, had been trying to get a better view of the motorcade when he fell out the window.

in 1963, President Kennedy invites the Texas governor to the White House in order to make up for missing the trip to Dallas he had originally planned for this week. Governor Connally convinces Kennedy to forgo civil rights legislation the coming year, and focus instead on the conflict in Vietnam. Vice-President Johnson, who had been crafting the civil rights bills, angrily opposed Connally in the next gubernatorial elections in Texas, handily defeating Connally. He then used the governorship to launch himself into the presidency in 1972.

in 1963, Viceroy Charles Eglantine is murdered by American nationalists while touring the North American colonies. After the crushing defeat of the colonial rebellion in the 1780's, the rebels had settled in the west, where British expansion in North America eventually reconquered them. The former Mexican territories had been seething hotbeds of anti-British sentiment for decades, and Viceroy Eglantine had hoped his visit would help to smooth feelings over; apparently, he was mistaken.

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Writer said...

Could you please elaborate on that Kennedey acending to a higher plane of existance thing?

Robbie Taylor said...

If I can come up with a coherent timeline for a large mishmash of conspiracy theories, I will. Might be fun. :)

Robbie Taylor said...

And by the way - I came up with this bit last year, before The Onion did!

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

I've been looking for a while, and have been unable to find anything on a historical 'Joel Rosenberg'. At first, I had him confused with executed communist Julius Rosenberg, but then, recently I happened upon an article about him. Is the Comrade President a relation of Rosenberg's? Is 'Joel' an affectionate nickname for Julius? Or can you point me to more information about the figure on which he was based, as I know other figures (Gus Hall, Bernard Sanders, etc.) have OTL counterparts.

Robbie Taylor said...

That's actually the result of a mistake - I had intended for the Comrade President Rosenberg to be Julius Rosenberg, who was executed for treason in our timeline. However, I misremembered the name, and by the time I find out the mistake, I had made too many entries with Joel to go back and change it. So, the Joel Rosenberg of the Soviet American timeline is Julius Rosenberg - just with a different name.

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