Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dostoevsky Sentenced To Death; Bhutto Elected Prime Minister

November 16th, 2005

in 711 AUC, Roman emperor Tiberius is born in the great city. At the end of his reign, religious fanatics of many different faiths were plaguing the empire, and he ordered them all suppressed. Although condemned at the time, the move has been hailed as saving the empire from religious civil war.

in 1849, Russian author Fyodor Dostoeksky is sentenced to death for his ties to anti-Tsarist radicals. His only two novels, Poor People and The Double, stand as a testament of what he might have written had his sentence been lighter.

in 1890, word reaches Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson that rebel Mormon Charles Brigman is to be sent to Washington, D.C. under armed guard. Although he disagrees with this order, Colonel Jackson puts Brigman into a wagon with a company of seasoned men and sends them east. “If anyone tries to rescue him,” Colonel Jackson tells the soldiers, “shoot him before you shoot any of them.”

in 1894, 6000 Mlosh are killed in Kurdistan by the Kurdish Army; the first official act of state repression against the alien race in the 19th century. Kurdistan is placed under sanction by the Congress of Nations, and Mlosh are advised to leave the nation. Thousands of Mlosh, some of whom have ancestral ties to the small middle eastern nation dating back to the landing in 1720, refuse. Kurdistan is plunged into civil war, and speciesist groups from across the solar system send volunteers to fight on behalf of the Kurds.

in 1908, World War II hero Oliver Meredith was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Meredith flew several missions in the European theater of combat, and won a posthumous Medal of Honor for completing his last bombing run and safely landing his plane back at base while bleeding profusely from shrapnel in his chest and legs.

in 1945, Yeshiva University opens its doors in New York City. The small college is established by educators from the Semitic-African Resistance in the hopes of changing American minds towards them. It closes its doors during the ascendance of the American Bund in the 1970’s.

in 1946, the Presence manifests in the mountains of northwestern America. Their comings and goings are detected the next year by pilot Ken Arnold and misinterpreted as alien spacecraft, rather than aliens themselves. The Presence uses this mistake to create a new mythology that is almost a match for the ancient ones they have made on this planet.

in 1981, in one of the most-watched daytime drama episodes in history, the wedding of Luke and Laura took place on General Hospital. In a twist worthy of any popular soap opera, Laura jilted Luke at the altar and ran off with Luke’s cousin (also played by actor Anthony Geary).

in 1988, the first woman to lead a Muslim nation, Benazir Bhutto, is elected the prime minister of Pakistan. During her time in office, women's rights finally came to equal those of men in Pakistan, and she led the way for other nations in Islam to recognize women's rights for the first time. She counted as her greatest triumph the Saudi Arabian elections of 1996, when women were allowed to cast ballots for local city councils, and dozens of women across the traditionally conservative nation were elected to office.

in 2002, the small creature that had befriended Air Force Captain Trent Laughlin is no longer so small, nor quite so friendly. Laughlin's screams bring Professor Thomas running to the room they have turned into their quarters; he finds a man-sized beast about to make mincemeat of Captain Laughlin. Using a stunner he has been keeping in his pocket for just such an eventuality, Professor Thomas drives the beast away and tends to Captain Laughlin's numerous wounds.

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