Monday, November 21, 2005

The Flight Was Tres Bonne, But The Landing...

November 21st, 2005

in 1774, the Presence begins affecting the minds of English colonists in North America, making the smallest taxes and slights from the British Empire irritable to them. It also begins warping the views of the British soldiers in the colonies, filling them with contempt for the colonials.

in 1783, the Montgolfier brothers, testing their new hot-air balloon, successfully managed to send a French nobleman, the Marquis d’Arlandes, and a prominent physician sailing through the Parisian sky. It was the first time anyone had flown untethered, and the last for a long time, because the Montgolfiers hadn’t quite perfected the method of landing the aircraft. The Marquis’ successor had them both executed.

in 4492, Chinese sailors in the eastern ocean discover a settlement of Polynesian people on a chain of islands the natives call Hawai’i. Though the islands are small, they are rich in agricultural produce, as well as natural beauty. Hawai’I soon becomes a trading partner and vacation spot for the Chinese Empire.

in 1890, a rider from Washington arrives in Salt Lake City and is sent to Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson. The papers he is carrying are a promotion for the colonel, and an appointment as commander of all forces in the western United States. General Jackson wearily accepts his assignment and settles down to life in the west.

in 1941, with Germany secured from the Greater Zionist Resistance, German Underground leader Adolf Hitler has his architect, Albert Speer, begin constructing a New Berlin to show the face of what he calls Nazism to the world. Speer is assigned several staff members who are neo-Nazis from the future, who assist him with designs and materials from 1968. New Berlin will become a colossus towering over the rest of the world.

in 1974, Congress failed to override a veto by President Gerald Ford on the Freedom of Information Act. The rest of this post will be $3.95, payable to: U.S. Government, Pueblo, Colorado, 81001.

in 1975, Congressmen of the Socialist Party, newly in the majority after decades out of power, release a report accusing the last two Communist administrations of complicity in the assassinations of several reactionary government leaders abroad, including Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Although a Socialist himself, Comrade President John Anderson orders the report suppressed because “it would do grievous damage to our country, and be used by groups hostile to the Soviet States to do damage to the reputation and policy of the Soviet States.

in 1993, the first steps were taken towards making the District of Columbia the 51st state when the House of Representatives approved the measure. D.C. officially became a state the next year, electing its first Senators and Representatives in the election of 1994. They are widely credited with stemming a tide of Republican victories that year, leaving the House and Senate in Democratic control.

in 2002, Dr. Courtney and his Air Force crew find not only Profesor Thomas and Air Force Captain Trent Laughlin, but members of dozens of alien races, all cocooned by the natives of this moon. When they try to free the captives, Dr. Courtney and his men are attacked by the natives and driven off.

in 2004, Chelsea Perkins tells her father, Terrence, that she had contacted her grandfather during one of her sessions with the spirit world. Terrence, alarmed, informs her that her grandfather is still alive. Together, they go into the spirit world to find the imposter.

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