Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Temple Of Jupiter; 2nd Star Wars Trilogy

November 1st, 2005

in 1210, Pope Richard of the Holy British Empire begins what will become official Papal policy until the 20th century; Jews were considered foreign entities within the borders of the Empire, leading to some of the most hideous acts of persecution since the Romans fed Christians to the lions.

in 2265 AUC, the crowning achievement of Roman artist Michelangelus Gaius Buonarus, the Temple of Jupiter, is opened to the public in Rome. The masterpiece of the artwork inside is the story of the creation of the Roman Pantheon of Gods, told in 9 panels of exquisite detail. It draws visitors from across the Roman Republic every year.

in 1765, in the face of harsh opposition to the Stamp Acts, the British Parliament backs down and repeals the effort to make the American colonies pay for the recent wars in North America without consultation from the colonies themselves. Parliament takes the unusual step of giving seats in the House of Commons to colonials, so that they can have representation for their taxation.

in 1890, more reinforcements arrive to bolster Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson's troops in Salt Lake City. Colonel Jackson takes these men into the wilderness surrounding the city on a search for escaped rebel leader Charles Brigman; he is determined that Brigman will pay the price for his crimes.

in 1932, Werner Von Braun is recruited by the German Underground to head the engineering team deciphering the blueprints from the future that the G.U.’s time-traveling neo-Nazi benefactors have given them. Although the blueprints are much more advanced than anything he’s ever seen, the scientist’s dark genius grasps their purpose, and is able to produce weapons of awesome destructive power with the help of the neo-Nazis.

in 1950, President Truman is assassinated by Puerto Rican nationalists at the Blair House. Truman had been staying at the less-secure Blair House because of remodeling at the White House, and the Puerto Ricans had gotten his schedule from a sympathizer on the staff there. Vice-President Alben Barkley assumed the office of President, and ordered the F.B.I. to begin a series of raids to eradicate the nationalists in Puerto Rico. The island possession of the U.S. was a hotspot of political turmoil until it finally gained its independence in 1981.

in 1952, the explosion of a hydrogen bomb on the tiny Eniwetok atoll in the Pacific Ocean causes the mutation of several creatures there, who soon grow to enormous size and attack the western coast of the United States. Only the grit of local military commanders and the plucky resolve of a 10-year old boy keep Los Angeles from being devoured by the monstrous beast they call Sharkon.

in 1955, Pascal-Edison releases the Family Portrait operating system for home users of their difference engines. The scaled-down O.S. has less capabilities than the business version, and a much cheaper price tag. Pascal-Edison sells completely out of its initial stock and continues selling the product well through the end of the decade.

in 1994, George Lucas, after much urging from his mentor Francis Ford Coppola, begins filming his second Star Wars trilogy, set after the Rebellion's triumphant victory at Endor in Return of the Jedi. This trilogy follows the marriage of Han Solo & Princess Leia, the Rebellion's efforts to reconstruct the Old Republic, and Luke Skywalker's new school for Jedi. With the release of the 3rd film in this installment, 2003's Jedi Child, Lucas has announced that he will make yet another trilogy, this time telling the back story of Darth Vader and the fall of the Republic. Fans await breathlessly.

in 2002, in an asteroid field in a system they are completely lost in, Air Force pilots Jim Zeminksi and Al Corwin are taken by the Pleiadean force that has been chasing them since Dr. Courtney and Professor Thomas stole a globe from their planet. Since the pilots had become separated from the scientists and other pilots, they are unable to resist the aliens, and are taken back to the alien world and interrogated.

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