Thursday, November 03, 2005

Telescopes In China; Canine Revenge In Soviet Union

November 3rd, 2005

in 4375, the close approach of a comet towards earth gives the Emperor’s astronomers a chance to try out their new telescopes; with the new seeing glasses, astronomers are able to see the comet clearly as a large ball of dirty ice. This revolutionizes the field, and astronomers begin forming new theories as to the composition of other heavenly bodies.

in 1850, Second Chancellor William Dayton of the North American Confederation is elevated to the First Chancellory when his predecessor, Juan Diego De La Hoya, dies in an air-car accident. Dayton wins his own term in the high office in 1855.

in 1890, pressing his advantage, Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson continues to hunt down rebel Mormon Charles Brigman. Desperate to get the federals off his trail, Brigman tells one of his followers that it's time for a drastic measure; this follower, Ezekial Morrison, heads to a farmhouse that has been prepared especially for such an eventuality.

in 1933, President Michael Dukakis is born in Brookline, Massachusetts, the son of poor Greek immigrants. Dukakis rose through the Democratic party ranks to the governorship of Massachusetts before running against Vice-President George Bush for the presidency in 1988. America had become very disenchanted with the Reagan administration because of the Iran-Contra scandal, and Bush paid the price for it. Dukakis served 2 successful terms, and oversaw the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the elimination of the federal budget deficit.

in 1941, German Underground operatives, with inside help from American Bundists, bomb the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. G.U. Fuehrer Adolf Hitler lets it be known that he believes America should refrain from entering the war in Eurasia, should it wish to prevent a repeat of Pearl Harbor.

in 1957, the Soviet Union sends a dog named Laika into low earth orbit. When the ship's orbit decays and it comes plummeting back to earth, the Soviets think that the dog has perished with the craft; that is, until Laika bursts forth in radioactive horror to attack the peaceful community of Vladivostok!

in 1964, Lyndon Johnson, who had taken over when President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas, is defeated in the general election by Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. President Goldwater quickly turns out to be the warmonger that Johnson had portrayed him as; he expands the Vietnam War to China, Cambodia, Laos and even Thailand, and only his impeachment in 1966 kept him from using nuclear weapons to end the war.

in 1986, Democrats begin impeachment proceedings against President Ronald Reagan after details of his administration's deals with the Iranian government become public. Virtually everyone in his administration is brought down by the shattering revelations, and House Speaker Jim Wright takes over the presidency in 1987.

in 1992, colorful Texan H. Ross Perot becomes the first independent candidate to win the presidency since Washington when Vice-President George Bush admits that he had sent the CIA to disrupt Perot's daughter's wedding. The groundswell of support for Perot eclipsed even the Democratic candidate, Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas, and Perot sweeps into office with 51% of the vote. Vice-President Bush garners a mere 8%, and the Republican Party begins its slow fade into the background as Perot's Reform Party becomes the new opposition to the Democrats.

in 2002, raining death from the sky, Professor Thomas, Dr. Courtney and their Air Force sidekicks attack the Pleiadean base where Captains Jim Zeminksi and Al Corwin are being held. Professor Thomas and 2 pilots storm into the holding cell and free the captains, then teleport back to their ship, where they beat a hasty retreat. The surprise attack catches the Pleiadeans unprepared, and the aliens are unable to mount a pursuit.

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