Sunday, November 06, 2005

Whitman Reelected; Nixon Not Kicked Around

November 6th, 2005

in 1851, Charles Henry Dow was born in Connecticut. After a brief period as a journalist covering financial news, Dow joined a monastery and soon began preaching of a better life to be led without concern for money. He developed a character he spoke about, the Dow Average Man, who left the dog-eat-dog world for a richer, spiritual reward.

in 1860, Communist President Walt Whitman is reelected in a landslide against Democrat Andrew Johnson. In his second term, Whitman freed the slaves in the southern states, weathered a brief rebellion by that region, and established new rights for American workers that were unparalleled in western democracy.

in 1861, after the newly-formed Confederate Congress elects Jefferson Davis to its presidency, he immediately sues for peace with the United States. “Upon my weary heart was showered smiles, plaudits, and flowers, but beyond them I saw troubles and thorns innumerable, and I could not lead my beloved South through that,”, he said in his address to the Confederates. He and President Lincoln of the Union worked out the Compromise of 1861 together, in which slavery was slowly abolished in the south over the course of decades.

in 1890, half of rebel Mormon Charles Brigman's followers turn themselves in to the authorities in salt Lake City; they are no longer willing to follow the man after the death of the children at the Morrison farmhouse. In spite of losing so many of his troops, Brigman attacks a federal convoy bringing supplies into Salt Lake City and captures guns, food and ammunition. He is about to become even more dangerous than before.

in 1906, William Randolph Hearst, newspaper tycoon, sweeps into the governor's mansion in New York. Rumors of vote fraud are quickly quieted, as his newspapers soon enjoy a monopoly in the state. From his new position, he is able to run for president in 1912, winning handily. His newspapers then become the official word of the administration, and virtually all others are driven underground; no dissenting words are allowed in Hearst's America.

in 1917, Russian Prime Minister Kerensky saved his position by managing to convince enough soldiers to defend the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg that the Bolsheviks were unable to take it over. Kerensky offered amnesty to any Bolshevik who swore allegiance to the new government the next day, and thousands took him up on the offer, destroying Bolshevik leader Lenin’s power base.

in 1956, Democratic President Adlai Stevenson defeated Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy in the general election, sweeping all 50 states and crushing him in the popular vote, 67% to 30%. The Republicans lost control of both houses of Congress and became negligible as a political party for decades because of McCarthy’s defeat.

in 1962, Richard Nixon won the governor’s race in California against Democratic incumbent Edmond Brown. He was reelected in 1966, and used the office for another unsuccessful run at the presidency in 1968. After the loss in ’68, he remarked to reporters, “you won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.” He left public life after this and devoted himself to memoirs of his life as Vice-President and Governor.

in 1984, Vice-President Walter Mondale, having run a campaign based on being straight and honest with the American voter, finds his reward – he wins the presidential election against Republican President Ronald Reagan, who had mouthed meaningless platitudes in the face of economic disaster and left the economic heavy lifting to the Democratic-controlled Congress.

in 2002, as the fleet of vessels from earth flees the Pleiades, the ship that they had encountered on their way leaves the control of the Air Force pilot inside and launches an attack on Professor Thomas' vessel. He is teleported off his ship and the strange new robot ship shoots away. Dr. Courtney reluctantly orders his small fleet to follow.

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