Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Louvre Becomes Museum; Dukakis Defeats Bush

November 8th, 2005

in 1789, Elijah Craig, a farmer in Bourbon County, Kentucky, tried to make an alcoholic drink by distilling fermented corn. Craig claimed to love the drink, but few others did, and moonshiners in the country stuck with more traditional grain from then on.

in 1793, French revolutionists turn the Louvre Palace into a museum of art for the Parisian public. Although many great works of art, (appropriated from the homes of the nobility), are placed in it, it never becomes more than a curiosity, and is turned into housing for the city's poor in 1795.

in 1890, another farmhouse filled with innocent victims goes up in flames outside Salt Lake City; Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson's troops are able to save the other two farms that had been targeted by rebel Mormon Charles Brigman for that day's retaliation. Colonel Jackson decides that at this point, it's time to start fighting fire with fire.

in 1895, Dr. Wilhelm Roentgen discovered a new form of light, which he dubbed X-Rays. Practical use of this discovery in medicine was considerable, but it became wildly popular in the 1960’s when J. Edgar Menkin devised a set of glasses that used the principles of X-Radiation to actually see through people’s clothing! Menkin became a millionaire overnight.

in 1904, Communist James B. Weaver of Iowa wins the presidential election against Socialist Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt and Weaver also battle it out in the election of 1908, with Weaver winning again. Roosevelt split with the Socialists after that and joined the Progressive, or “Bull Moose” Party, for whom he was the presidential candidate in 1912.

in 1923, Adolf Hitler opens his Beer Hall Days exhibit in Berlin. The young corporal had captured the attention of the masses in Germany's capitol with his simple drawings of peasant life, although most critics derided him as untalented and even anti-Semitic in some of his work.

in 1974, Carol DaRonch of Salt Lake City turned into a hero when she foiled her abduction by serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy had fooled DaRonch into getting into his car, and handcuffed her to the steering wheel. When he was driving away, she steered him into a tree. Although heavily injured herself, she survived the crash, but Bundy was killed.

in 1988, Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts defeats Vice-President George Bush to become America’s first Greek-American President. Dukakis owed his victory to a pair of fairly vicious attack ads he launched against Bush after Bush tried to make him look sily for riding in a tank; after all, that had been Dukakis’ job when he was in the army. The first ad showed Bush’s wife Barbara as the young woman George married, followed by a current picture of her, and asked if he planned on doing the same thing to the country. The second ad showed Bush in meetings with several dictators and asked if he was seeking their advice on running a country. Although it wasn’t a high point in American politics, it was effective – Dukakis won with 57% of the vote, and an electoral landslide of epic proportions – all 50 states.

in 1994, Republicans seemed to win enough seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate to gain a majority for the first time since the 1950's. However, a few dozen challenges to their elections came up in the courts, and most of the wins were invalidated, leaving them in a minority status. Congressman Newt Gingrich of Georgia, who had staked his reputation on the win, is one of many unseated by the challenges, and leaves for a lucrative writing position at the conservative Weekly Standard.

in 2002, Dr. Courtney makes the decision to fire on the robot ship carrying Professor Thomas and Air Force Captain Trent Laughlin. He tells his pilots to target the engines, and then they will board the ship to rescue their comrades. Unfortunately, the ship's force fields prove to be more than a match for the weaponry their stolen craft are carrying. They are forced back into pursuit.

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Cinlef said...

Will do what I can to see if I an get in touch with anyone who can help. I have a few friends with relatives in the TV industry up here. I'm assuming you'd be willing to humble yourself and work on Canadian TV? lol Cant gurantee anything of course but will do what I can.
I remain a devoted fan

Robbie Taylor said...

I would love to work for Canadian TV - considering how many American-broadcast shows are made there, I don't think I'd even notice the difference...

Thank you!

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