Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dead Sea Scrolls; Romanians Join With German Underground

November 23rd, 2005

in 213, a few young Essenes, young Jewish tribesmen possessed by the Presence, hide several scrolls speaking of the founding of the new Christian religion in a cave in the middle east. They plan on keeping these scrolls for a day when they will be able to reveal several facts about the religion that only the Presence is privy to.

in 912, Otto of Germany, the last serious pretender to the old Roman Empire, was born in Saxony. Maintaining that Pius had lacked the authority to crown Arthur pope, Otto led rebellions against the Holy British Empire throughout his life until his final defeat in 971 by Pope Edward the Peacable.

in 618, Alfonso the Wise, Caliph of Castile and Leon, was born with Allah’s blessing in Toledo, Espagne. He was among the first few generations in his country to accept the teachings of the Prophet, and established great schools of learning during his reign, some of which still teach to this day.

in 1499, in order to hide the truth from the English public, King Henry VII executes a man he names as “Perkin Warbeck”, who had led a rebellion against him. The young man is actually Richard of York, son of King Edward IV, whom King Richard III had supposedly had murdered in the Tower as a child. When rumors of “Warbeck's” lineage reach the general population, they rise up against Henry the Pretender and overthrow him.

in 1876, the symbol of capitalism's corruption, William Tweed of New York, is delivered back to the United States after communists in Spain had captured him and spirited him back to America. The downfall of Tweed and his organization were the death knell for the Democratic Party, and it soon merged with the Socialists to form the main opposition to the triumphant Communist Party of America.

in 1940, Romanian insurgents rise up against the Greater Zionist Resistance, and with weaponry supplied by the German Underground, successfully drive the G.Z.R. from the nation. The Romanian fascists became some of the most blood-thirsty of the G.U.’s allies, killing hundreds of thousands as they fought against the Zionists across Eurasia.

in 1970, physicist Roy Kendall of the University of Nevada went public with information he had stolen from the secret military base at Groom Lake, Nevada. In a live interview with Walter Cronkite of CBS News, Kendall maintained that alien technology was being back-engineered at Groom Lake; unfortunately, as soon as he said that, armed men broke into the studio, shot him dead, and fatally wounded Cronkite. His evidence was never seen, and the government maintained that Kendall and Cronkite had been slain by gamblers Kendall was attempting to pay off with a lucrative hoax.

in 1991, opera impresario Farrokh Bulsara died in London, England. An unimpressive singer, but a dazzling marketeer, Bulsara applied his talents to bringing the music he loved to popular culture. He produced several operatic albums that went gold in the lucrative American market – he knew how to sell to American audiences as no one before him had. His tragic death from AIDS took much of the vitality out of modern opera.

in 2002, after recovering from the attack that drove them off, Dr. Courtney and his company of Air Force pilots come up with a plan to rescue Professor Thomas and Captain Trent Laughlin from the cocoons of the aliens that have captured them. They fly their craft directly over the area and teleport them up. This results in a couple of the other cocooned aliens coming with them, but Dr. Courtney takes them, too, and they retreat off this moon quickly.

in 2004, several fruitless searches of the spirit world have failed to find the being posing as Chelsea Perkins' grandfather. She and her father Terrence resume their lessons, and Terrence warns Chelsea to be wary whenever she ventures into the spirit world now. That night, she ignores his warning, and wanders into the spirit world in her dreams.

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Maybe you should have some human discover something that leads to a knowledge of the pressence.

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