Saturday, November 12, 2005

Colonel Jackson Captured

November 12th, 2005

in 32,347 BCE, the planet earth is intersected by an intelligent nanite stream from the wider galactic civilization. When the stream detects semi-intelligent life on the planet, it begins its program of infiltration and indoctrination of a select few, and signals the wider civilization of the discovery. This is the first contact made by humans with The Presence.

in 1759, the great German poet Friedrich von Schiller was born in Marbach, Germany. His dramatic works influenced a generation of Germans after him; his Ode Am Mlosh, a tribute to the Mlosh arrival in Germany, was used by Beethoven as the text for his 9th symphony.

in 1817, the prophet Baha’ullah is born as Mirza Husayn Ali in Persia. Though hounded and persecuted in life, he created the faith that has united all men as brothers, the universal religion we all now know as Baha’i.

in 12-12-12-14-0, the Oueztecan Empire takes the unusual step of starting negotiations with the tribes of the northern plains to end the constant state of warfare they have been engaged in. The plains people are eager for peace, but wary of the Empire because of their long history of reneging on their deals. This time is no different; after forcing the northern tribes to accept relocation, the Oueztecans take even the relocated land from the plains people.

in 1890, Mormon elder Jack Smith brings back a small company of 20 prisoners, followers of rebel Charles Brigman, to turn over to Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson. Unknown to Colonel Jackson, Smith has joined Brigman, and he is captured by the Mormons and taken to Charles Brigman's camp outside of Salt Lake City. “The Lord delivers justice to me,” Brigman says to Jackson.

in 1969, journalist Seymour Hersh retires from the field suddenly, saying only that, “a rich uncle left me a lot of money.” Hersh became a philanthropist, giving to many veteran's organizations, and seemed to have a direct line to the White House; he always seemed to have the ear of President Nixon. His chief assistant, a former soldier named William Calley, ran his businesses with a ruthless efficiency.

in 1974, Reverend Willard D. “Dub” Taylor of Houston's Holiness Baptist Church suffers a massive heart attack and spends a shaky night in Memorial Hospital. He credits the prayers of his thousands of followers with his recovery and return to the pulpit three weeks later.

in 1980, the Voyager 1 probe ship passes by Saturn. A steady stream of data is sent back to earth about the gas giant, and NASA pronounces the project a huge success. But, Voyager’s data stream is interrupted by something, and NASA stops releasing the material from Voyager to the public.

in 2002, the robot ship carrying Professor Thomas and Air Force Captain Trent Laughlin accelerates to a speed beyond anything the stolen vessels commanded by Dr. Courtney can muster. In his last communication with the robot ship, Dr. Courtney promises, “We'll keep tracking you – we'll find you and we'll bring you back.”

in 2004, Chelsea Perkins learns the reason why she must embrace her ancestral gifts, and the enemy that she must defeat in order to save the world. She also learns that her father will die as a result of this battle, and that she must not try to save him, something she refuses to accept.

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