Saturday, November 05, 2005

Parliament Blown Up; Nixon Aide Accused Of Treason

November 5th, 2005

in 1605, English Catholics blow up Parliament and kill King James I. The chief conspirator in the plot, Robert Catesby, kept the plan between himself and fellow conspirator Guy Fawkes, and their plan created havoc in England. There was an immediate struggle for the crown between several of James' cousins, and after King Robert ascended the throne in 1606, Catholicism became legal again.

in 1855, Communist President Comrade Eugene V. Debs was born in Terre Haute, Indiana. Debs’ travels in Russia after his presidency led to the adoption of the Russian word soviet to signify bands of comrades in America, whether it be unions, states or the whole country itself.

in 1872, Victoria Woodhull, candidate of the Suffragette Party, is elected President of the United States. She had garnered virtually all of the women’s vote in the first presidential election allowing them to participate. She promised the country that “though I may represent the fairer sex in form, I vow to represent all of America in office.” She apparently did; she was re-elected with 52% of the vote in 1876.

in 1890, Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson shoots Ezekial Morrison in the head, but one of the children inside the farmhouse trips the explosives; the farmhouse explodes, killing all but 3 of the hostages inside, as well as killing 14 soldiers and wounding Colonel Jackson. When he returns to Salt Lake City, Colonel Jackson doubles the bounty on rebel Mormon Charles Brigman.

in 1940, America demonstrates its impatience with Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal by denying him the unprecedented 3rd presidential term he was running for. Republican Alf Landon took over the reigns of America just in time to be plunged into World War II. The isolationist Landon was unable to handle the job of guiding America through such a great crisis, and was voted out after 1 term.

in 1968, President Lyndon Johnson reveals that he has arrested Anna Chennault on charges of treason, and accuses Republican presidential candidate Richard Nixon of sending her to Vietnam expressly to sabotage the peace talks. The accusation of treason is enough to throw the election to Democrat Hubert Humphrey, and in Chennault's subsequent trial, she rolls over on Nixon, who joins her in the docks.

in 1968, 5-term president Strom Thurmond is finally defeated by American Bundist George Rockwell. Even though Thurmond was no friend of American minorities, the change is dreaded by them; Rockwell has promised to turn America into a mirror of the New Reich in Eurasia.

in 1990, the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City sets off violence in both America and Israel as his followers begin indiscriminately killing Palestinians in retaliation. The violence escalates quickly in Israel, and turns into a small civil war, pitting the Israeli Arab population against the hardcore Kach, followers of Kahane.

in 2002, the Air Force pilot sent into the strange ship following Professor Thomas, Dr. Courtney and their other pilots back to earth reports that there is no one on board the ship. He finds the control center and is able to take full command of the vessel. Professor Thomas insists on taking it with them, against Dr. Courtney's better judgement.

in 4699, Emperor Xiao Yang dies in office. With no clear laws guiding them in such an occurrence, the Imperial Council votes to allow its speaker, Zhang Chunqiao, to serve out the remainder of Xiao’s term, and then to hold elections as scheduled. The arrangement works well, and the Council writes it into Imperial law.

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