Sunday, December 11, 2005

Canadians Attack British; Martian Summer

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December 11th, 2005

in 1718, King Charles XII of Sweden was shot in the head by a Norwegian assassin. Although he survived, his mental capacity afterwards was that of a child, and his sister, Ulrika Eleanora, ruled in his place. In 1725, after hearing of the medical miracles that the Mlosh were capable of, she contacted the Mlosh colony ship in Germany and asked for a physician to come to her court. He cured Charles, and Ulrika turned the crown back over to him. The grateful king declared that any Mlosh who desired Swedish citizenship was welcome within his borders.

in 1777, while British troops are occupied with keeping American rebel George Washington from reaching Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Canadian nationalists attacked British positions across Quebec, causing Lord Cornwallis to pull some of his troops from the American theatre and devote them to containing the Canadians.

in 1882, physicist Max Born was born in Breslau, Germany. The Nobel Prize-winning scientist became enamored of the parallel universe cult of Richard Tolman in the 1930’s, and went to America to join it. Like so many other scientists who joined the cult, his mysterious disappearance in 1955 was never solved.

in 1936, Pope Edward VIII abdicates his position. He had fallen in love with a Protestant woman, a woman he was forbidden by Church law to marry. Rather than simply use her as a mistress, he showed his love by giving up the Holy British Empire for her.

in 1941, Hitler enrages his Japanese allies by refusing to declare war on the United States. He reasons, cannily, that if America can be kept out of the European theater, he would be free to take the continent and consolidate his power while the Americans were being kept busy in Asia by the Japanese. He reasoned correctly, as it turned out, and was soon impregnable in his Fortress Europe.

in 1956, the Hays Office is closed, and Hollywood is freed from moral restrictions as to movie content. Almost immediately, films appear which do such things as mention abortion, or prostitution, or even – shocking though it may seem today - show glimpses of nudity! When this glut of filth hit the market, Congress enacted the Decency Code of 1957, which has banned all controversial material from films shown in America. For some reason, the movie industry went into something of a decline after this.

in 1968, German scientist Wilhelm Schoemann and his colleague, Palestinian scientist Faisal Yassin, are surprised by the appearance of an apple in their laboratory.

in 1985, the reactionary anarchist known only as The Unabomber claims his first victim, a young comrade working in a computer store in Sacramento, California Soviet. Over the years he is able to avoid authorities, he becomes a sort of folk hero to the fledgling anarchy movement in the Pacific Northwest, who proudly disdain the advances of Communist life such as computers and cars.

in 1997, a federal judge orders the software company Microsoft not to bundle its internet browser Internet Explorer within Windows. The move towards greater protection of smaller software companies starts the long process of Microsoft’s decline; by 2001, Microsoft’s Windows software is only the 3rd-most popular PC operating system.

in 1998, the Mars Climate Observer was launched towards the red planet. Once safely in orbit around Mars, it began sending back data that excited all of the scientists at NASA, and indeed, astronomers around the world – Mars was warming up!

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