Thursday, December 08, 2005

Queen Mary Born; Lennon's Life Changes

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December 8th, 2005

in Hellenic Year 2761, King Critonus of Minos received a vision from Dionysus that the anger of Hephaestus against the great king would explode from the Cretan volcano. Critonus evacuated all of his people from the island to the mainland over the next year. Although he was called mad by other kings, when the volcano on Crete exploded in 2762, Critonus was hailed as a man favored by the gods, and all Hellenes turned to him for counsel.

in 1542, Mary, Queen of Scotland, England and France, was born in Linlithgow Palace. A canny and opportunistic politician, Queen Mary used her marriage to the French King to claim the throne of that country when he died in 1560, and assumed the Scottish throne by right of blood. When her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England faltered slightly, Mary used a combination of military and political pressure to force her from power and added the English Crown to her possessions.

in 1775, General Richard Montgomery and Colonel Benedict Arnold attack the city of Quebec in Canada. Colonel Arnold's bold strategy overcomes the city's sparse defenses and spurs a general movement towards the American revolution in their northern neighbors. Soon, the British have a Canadian nationalist movement to contend with, as well, one which they are unable to contain.

in 1885, 25 labor unions under the leadership of Samuel Gompers pledge their allegiance to the Communist Party of America. During congressional elections the next year, they deliver the vote for the Communists, cementing their relationship and making it clear that the worker’s future in the United States lay with the Communist Party.

in 1941, after an impassioned speech by pacifist Congresswoman Jeanette Rankin, Congress votes not to declare war against Japan, in spite of the horrific attack against Pearl Harbor the day before. Economic sanctions are put in place against the Japanese Empire, and American defenses are shored up. Japan does not attack America again, and the isolationists claim victory in keeping America from becoming entangled in foreign affairs.

in 1969, President Humphrey oversees the withdrawal of the last American soldiers from Vietnam. Although the fragile peace negotiated by President Lyndon Johnson the year before would be shattered the next decade, the tiny southeast Asian country ends the 60's at peace for the first time since World War II.

in 1980, the suicide of a deranged fan directly in front of him causes former Beatle John Lennon to reassess his life. He releases one last album, then tells the press that, “Life's not about all this junk. Life's in your family, and in your friends.” Shortly after that, he reconciles with his old friend Paul McCartney and takes a more active role in his oldest son's rearing. He becomes an advocate for many family-friendly causes, and even receives a medal from President Ronald Reagan for his work.

in 2003, Estelle Gerard appears as a full-grown woman to a crowd in Piccadilly Circle in London. At her side are a pair of angels. She speaks to the crowd for almost an hour while the angels keep a squad of Templars at bay. When she finishes her speech, she announces, “Now, all who wish to meet my father, take my hand.” Hundreds in the crowd, and a few Templars, rush forward, and all disappear when they touch Gerard’s hand.

in 2004, with the assistance of Alma May Watson, Chelsea Perkins makes a sacrifice to the Great Tree.

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Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

I was thinking you should perhaps add in the header (er...the part about the Christmas contest, at the top) a note reminding people that the Gregorian calendar begins in the year 1, i.e. there was no Year 0, i.e. following the year 1BC was the year 1AD, as I imagine many people will write entries meant to be set in the year 1, but set the date as 0.

Robbie Taylor said...

Ah, but you're assuming that I'm NOT one of those kooks who thinks there was a year 0. Since having a baby, I'm very keenly aware that there is time before that infant turns 1 - so I am completely behind the mathematical fallacy of the year 0!

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Huh-what? AD = Anno Domini = In The Year of Our Lord. The year he was calculated to be born in was considered to be the first year of our lord. The year corresponded to his supposed birth, not his age.

Anonymous said...

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Robbie Taylor said...

Where did that come from?

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