Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Cult Of Torvald

December 31st, 2005

in 47,392 BCE/the Dreaming, as Telka the Speaker lay dreaming, a spider crawled down upon a massive web from heaven and stared at her. “Sleep well, Speaker,” he told her. “Your children will find me soon enough.” He then crawled back up, but his web remained behind. The Speaker thought that she woke then, and followed the spider up his long web. From the spider’s nest in heaven, she looked down upon the world, and the spider told her, “Remember it well. You shall not see it again.” The Speaker woke in truth, then, and almost fell into tears from her earthbound condition.

in 1000 Post-Creation, the birth of the angel Emmanuel to the human woman Eve forces Gabriel's hand, and he and a third of Heaven's angelic host descend to Eden to defend it from the wrath of the Creator. Lucifer is given the task of bringing these angels back into the fold and destroying Emmanuel; he is torn in his loyalties.

in 1775, American rebels Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery break down the resistance in Quebec; at the end, the citizens of Quebec had turned on the British soldiers in the city. Arnold and Montgomery were soon training Canadian forces to fight the British, and when the American rebellion collapsed, were welcomed to Canada as heroes.

in 1922, a full-scale assault on the black township of Rosewood, Florida is averted when the white woman who had claimed a black man had raped her confessed that she had been covering for a white lover who had managed to flee the area. Rosewood's successful black population was still concerned about the willingness of the white community around them to attack their own town, and its population began moving away over the next few years, until Rosewood eventually disappeared in the 1930's.

in 1943, Air Force Captain Henry Deutschendorf, Jr. is born in Roswell, New Mexico. Captain Deutschendorf is famous as the man who broke the Air Force's silence about the alien activity in Roswell, shortly before his own disappearance in 1981.

in 1968/4664/12-17-15-6-18/2721 AUC, Dr. Richard Tolman led a group of his followers, who had been trained in his techniques of piercing through parallel dimensions, towards the great rip in the time/space continuum at the equator. He also brought with him scientists of the various dimensions who had been given a crash course in his teachings. Together, they sought to mend the damage that had been done to the wall between the worlds.

in 1978, Comrade President John Anderson of the Soviet States of America formally dissolved all S.S.A. ties with the few communists still fighting the capitalist government of Brazil. Although heavily criticized for abandoning comrades the S.S.A. had supported since the 50's, he felt it was his duty to bring America into the modern era and create solid ties with the western hemisphere's largest capitalist power.

in 1999, the world braces for the end of all computerized activity as society has failed to address the issues brought forward by programmer Linus Torvald and others. At midnight, planes fall from the sky, cars with computerized chips malfunction, and nuclear missiles fire across the world, destroying most of humanity. Linus Torvald, who had led a few followers into the Australian outback, forges a new path for the survivors from the remains of the world that wouldn't listen to him.

in 2004, Chelsea Perkins and Alma May Watson celebrate the New Year as Elsbeth Danwich performs her own spell to disable the Great Tree. As the walls between the years fade, Perkins and Watson feel the Tree dying around them, and put forth their own power to save it.

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I like that idea of occasionally providing a link to the actual events that inspired an entry.

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