Monday, December 19, 2005

Troubles With Congress

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December 19th, 2005

in 3732, the great leader Su Tung-p’o was born in Sichuan. His warrior nature shone forth in battle more brightly than any before him, and he very nearly became emperor through his military prowess. At his death in 3797, his retainers found several volumes of poetry, giving the world a glimpse into the pure heart of a man known only for battle. His poetry retains its beauty and relevance even across the centuries, and was read to the Chdo embassy on their first mission to earth.

in 1154, Pope Henry II stepped into the shoes of the fisherman. As a young French nobleman, Henry Plantagenet had dallied with the Queen of France herself, convincing her to leave the King and marry him. Just 3 years later, he was elevated to the papacy of the Holy British Empire, largely through his charm and her considerable influence in the Empire. The line of Popes that he began ruled the Holy British Empire for centuries.

in 1777, the Continental Army under the command of rebel General George Washington faces drastic cuts in supplies as the Continental Congress comes under the control of politicians who seek reconciliation with Britain. At one point during the winter, Washington leaves his camp at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to seek out the Congress, where he threatens to shoot several members. This rash display puts the Congress more firmly in the hands of the pro-British faction.

in 1918, the New York Globe began publishing a trivia series by Robert Ripley entitled Believe It Or Not. Apparently, no one believed it, as the series was cancelled a month after it began.

in 1941, after briefly allowing their figurehead, Adolf Hitler, to lead the German Underground's army, the true leadership of the G.U., neo-Nazi time-travelers from 1968, informs the German General Staff that orders from Hitler are to be disregarded, but he himself is to be humored that he is in charge.

in 1953, physicist Robert Millikan, who had briefly been involved in Richard Tolman’s parallel universe cult in the 1940’s, died at his home in San Marino, California. At the viewing prior to his funeral, a strange visitor that seemed to closely resemble Dr. Millikan entered the funeral home and spent several minutes staring at the body in the casket. When a family member approached him, the stranger ran from the room, shouting, “My god, it’s me!”

in 1958, the first radio message was sent into outer space. President Eisenhower’s Christmas message, “To all mankind, America’s wish for peace on earth and good will to men everywhere.” Unfortunately, the aliens who received the signal in 1972 wished the human race nothing quite resembling peace or good will.

in 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 return safely to earth after a successful lunar mission. After this, the lunar program is turned over to the astronauts of the Osiris Project, and the last few Apollo missions are used to shuttle specialists to the space station built by America and the Soviet Union.

in 1986, Comrade President Ann Richards releases Carl Sagan and his wife, Ann Druyen, from the Leavenworth Penal Soviet. The couple had been interred years before when they used their academic positions to criticize Soviet American politics in other countries. “Comrades Sagan and Druyen can testify to our new spirit of openness,” Comrade Richards said on their release.

in 1998, Republican President William Blythe denounces Democratic House Speaker Newt Gingrich in an attempt to make political hay of the sexual scandals breaking out of the House of Representatives. When the National Enquirer threatens to expose his own escapades if he keeps up the tough talk, President Blythe drops the subject, and Gingrich's resignation lets the Democrats put the scandals behind them.

in 2009, Bartholomew Thompson's unlikely alliance scores its first political victory with the Alt'Himin people pledging support and a home base for the combined fleet under Thompson's command. It is when the Alt'Himin people are threatened by both the B'Han and the Kaerth that Thompson begins making plans for a new base for his Army of Intelligent Life.

in 1,246,358 CE, the Kholia climbing the Wall of Night recalls a fire from long ago.

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I guess x-mas hasn't been as inspiring as Halloween was... but, I've thought about it and I have some cool ideas... Can we get an extension on the christmas contest? :) Since it's 9:30 PM I doubt I can research and write them up by midnight.:(

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