Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Maine Raids; Yule Bomb Killer

December 27th, 2005

in 47,412 BCE, Telka the Speaker, with two sons, a daughter, three grandsons and four granddaughters, and the spouses of most of them, reaches Asia. She is following the sun as it sets to see if that will give her a clue to how it climbs back up into the sky in the morning.

in 1780, since the American rebel cause is all but abandoned, the Canadian nationalists stage several raids across Maine to gather supplies for their own war effort, looting blacksmith shops and taking weapons from British soldiers captured unawares. It is thought that many of the Maine smithies that were “robbed” were more than willing to give their wares to those that still fought the Redcoats, since rebellion was still strong in the colony.

in 1846, the war with Mexico takes a bad turn for the United States when the inexperienced volunteers under the command of Colonel Alexander Doniphan are routed outside the Mexican city of El Paso. Doniphan had barely escaped defeat two days before against a more numerous Mexican force, and his resources were too depleted by that battle to give him what he needed to take El Paso.

in 2625 AUC, the great Spanish writer Pius Barojus Nessius is born near Terraco, Spain. He came of age during the great Roman struggles of the mid-27th century, and his writing often reflected a lost quality, the melting of one generation into the next, with the permanent loss that entails.

in 1889, trouble aboard his ship causes Mikhail von Heflin to leave it as they dock in Iceland. From here, he hops another ship to the Canadian mainland, and makes his way to Texas across land.

in 1904, playwright J.M. Barrie follows up on his successful play The Admirable Crichton with a fantasy called Peter Pan, about a boy who never grows up. Audiences much prefer the island and class fantasy of Crichton, and Barrie returns to it several more times over his career, penning other castaway adventures such as The Minnow and King Crichton.

in 1922, the Swedish terrorist known only as The Yule Bomb Killer claims his first victims as Clementine and James Chapman are killed in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Authorities are left without clues when the bomb destroys the Chapman's home, and are taunted by the bomb-maker when a letter in Swedish arrives at the Marshfield police station, daring them to catch him.

in 1942, German Underground propaganda specialists begin recruiting anti-Semites among the Greater Zionist Resistance-controlled countries of eastern Europe. Although the G.Z.R. has been careful to treat its people as fairly as possible, their conquest of most of Europe made many enemies, and they are unfortunately very willing to join the G.U.

in 1978, the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of Venezuela ratified a new constitution allowing the existence of non-socialist parties in the country for the first time since the American-assisted revolution of 1908. Comrade President John Anderson of the Soviet States of America declares that, although he regrets the movement away from the brotherhood of socialism by the people of Venezuela, the opening of democracy is nonetheless good.

in 2003, Estelle Gerard appears at Megiddo, and the remaining troops of the Holy British Empire convert or are destroyed. The holy city of Jesu descends to Jerusalem, and Estelle Gerard takes Her place at its throne. Her kingdom is at hand.

in 2004, the Soviet Union finally pacifies Afghanistan, after 2 decades of conflict. American support of such mujahadeen cells as Al-Qaida and the Taliban had kept the war going for far longer than the Soviets wanted it to, and had nearly led to a collapse of the Communist government. Only the resolve of Soviet leader Andrei Gromyko held the Soviets together through the crisis.

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Max said...

Who is Pius Nessius?

Robbie Taylor said...

Pio Baroja in Spanish and in English.

Max said...


Anonymous said...

I would appreciate an email regarding the information on the Swedish Yule Bomb Killer. I am a descendant of John Magnuson and am intrigued by the letter sent to the police station. I didn't have that piece of research. Could you share your information with me? Klok747@sbcglobal.net Thanks!!

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