Saturday, December 10, 2005

Death Is Born

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December 10th, 2005

in 1287, Mikhail von Heflin was born in the Bohemian city of Prague.

in 1524, Pope Henry VIII has German monk Martin Luther burned at the stake for daring to question his practice of selling absolution. Luther had attempted to rouse his countrymen against the corruption in the Holy British Empire by publishing a list of theses against the English Church. Unfortunately for him, Pope Henry had become intolerant of the various Protestant movements.

in 1778, New York Judge John Jay is elected to the presidency of the Continental Congress in spite of his ambivalence towards American independence. During his tenure, he steers the revolution to a sort of detente, with the colonies of the United States gaining great autonomy, but remaining within the British Empire. The British were eager to make peace with the Americans, since the Canadian nationalists were causing much more trouble, and they needed to reroute resources to that fight.

in 1817, the Chippewa people joined the North American Confederation, extending the great nation halfway across the continent. With the addition of the Mississippi River to their lands, the N.A.C. had millions of acres of good farm land, and this marked the beginning of their rise as a great power in the world.

in 1869, Wyoming becomes the first state to grant men the right to vote. President Victoria Woodhull calls it a mistake, noting that “the savage nature of our beloved men little lends itself to the careful consideration that politics requires.

in 1901, the first Nobel Prizes were handed out in Stockholm, Sweden, honoring the most successful warriors and weapons-makers in the world. Nobel, who had been a pacifist much of his life, had become slightly deranged after a French newspaper had called him “The merchant of death,” and devoted his considerable fortune after his passing to enriching those who caused war.

in 1963, a tragic scenario played out as the worlds of crime and entertainment mixed. Frank Sinatra, Jr., son of the celebrated singer, was kidnapped at gunpoint as he was staying at Harrah’s Casino, and driven to California. The elder Sinatra received the call from the kidnappers, and offered to pay them the $250,000 they were asking. Unfortunately, once the money changed hands, the kidnappers shot father and son, ending the life of the legend and reducing the younger Sinatra to a paraplegic.

in 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr., in an attempt to make the majority of Americans realize the plight being faced by African and Semitic people across the globe, leads the march of hundreds of thousands of people on Washington, D.C. Although entirely peaceful, President Strom Thurmond has the National Guard keep its guns trained on the march throughout the long, cold day.

in 1977, during International Human Rights Day, Comrade President John Anderson orders the arrest of counter-revolutionary dissidents who had staged a sit-in protest in the Washington Mall. The move is a black eye for the Soviet States in world opinion, especially considering Comrade Anderson's growing reputation for making peace with his enemies.

in 4699, the Chdo Democracy makes contact with the Keltav people of the Qui galaxy, almost two million light-years distant. The Keltav have apparently developed a powerful drive that is able to travel through higher dimensions. Relations have been peaceful, so far. Some Keltavan ships have arrived in this galaxy, but they are mainly explorers.

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