Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Edison's Singing Debut; The Altamont Disaster

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December 6th, 2005

in 4225, master explorer Chang Shiao reached the Yucatanian Gulf after a nearly year-long voyage from his home port in the Chinese Empire. His encounter with the Oueztecan Empire there led to a diplomatic mission that forged a great alliance across the ocean between the Chinese and the Oueztecans.

in 1537, the Templars of Pope Henry VIII surround and capture Cardinal Clement, “Pope” of the Reborn Roman Church. Vowing to never receive judgement from man, Clement kills himself by leaping from a tower in Rome. The RRC is unable to maintain cohesion without Clement, and soon becomes a footnote in the history of the Holy British Empire.

in 1793, Madame Jeanne du Barry, who had been mistress to the former king, was dragged before the Parisian mob to be executed at the guillotine. She made an appeal to the crowd, calling upon their mercy and relating her own tale of woe as a poor child who had been used by men throughout her life. Moved to pity, the crowd surged forward and rescued her from the executioner. She went into exile in Great Britain, and founded a home for wayward girls there.

in 1809, the Republic of Eire (Ireland) signs a treaty with Great Britain ending the 4-year long War of Irish Independence. Because the Irish Mlosh had been very influential in the war, many British humans harbored ill will towards the aliens; this led to the founding of several anti-Mlosh racist organizations, including, ultimately, the Human League.

in 1863, with the Southern Rebellion subdued, President Walt Whitman secured ratification of the 13th Amendment, ending slavery within the United States, and guaranteeing economic equality and freedom for all Americans, regardless of ethnicity, gender, philosophy or religion. The 13th Amendment stood as the greatest achievement of the Communist Party until President Haywood’s Community of Trade united oppressed workers across the world in brotherhood.

in 1877, Thomas Edison used an Eddie hooked up to a phonograph machine to play a record of himself singing Mary Had A Little Lamb.

in 1969, the Gathering Moss gave a free concert at the Altamont Speedway near San Francisco, California, that went horribly wrong. 4 of their fans were killed in the chaos of the night, including one who was stabbed within sight of the stage. The Moss were unaware of what was going on, and continued playing, seemingly uncaring of the misery and death around them. The concert became a symbol, somewhat undeservedly, of 60’s hedonism gone wrong.

in 1980, a church secretary who had overheard televangelist Jim Bakker arrange a liaison with secretary Jessica Hahn called the local news station and told them where to find the pair that evening. When reporters burst in on Hahn and Bakker in a sexual tryst, Bakker’s church empire was ruined, and all television evangelists sank in popularity.

in 2002, Dr. Courtney receives a communication from the Air Force pilots he had sent on ahead to earth – they were delayed by a rescue mission of their own, and are on their way to rendezvous with him. With his fleet finally reassembled, Dr. Courtney sets course for earth, at last.

in 2004, Elsbeth Danwich pays another visit to the Great Tree, and calls out Chelsea Perkins. Danwich has heard of Miss Perkins' appearance before the Council of Wisdom, and congratulates her on her manner. “You remind me of myself as a young girl,” Danwich says, hoping to flatter Perkins. When Miss Perkins makes a disparaging remark about that being a century ago, Danwich flies into a rage and uses a Demon-Touched Pebble to try to kill Perkins. The Great Tree protects her and drives off Danwich, but its power is diminished by the attack.

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