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Micantlutlian Script Devised; Emperor Deng Dies

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February 19th, 2006

in 1109 AUC, Emperor Constantinus II shuts down the temples belonging to the cult of Christos, a messianic figure from the province of Judea. The cult’s members had been attempting to destroy other religions within the empire, and Constantius felt that they would become a danger if allowed to grow unchecked.

in 1473, Mikolaj Kopernik, Polish mathematician, is born in Torun, Poland. Always obedient to the truth as he saw it, Kopernik published a treatise in 1530 detailing his argument that the sun, rather than the earth, was at the center of the universe. His own uncle, Bishop Lucas Watzenrode, denounced him for heresy and imprisoned him for the rest of his life.

in 11-17-7-12-1, Micantlutli of Teotihuacan devises the written language used by the Oueztecan Empire today. A more graceful and economical language than the Nahuatl script used for centuries, the Micantlutlian script, commonplace today, was considered a radical development in his time and was resisted by the priesthood for several decades as blasphemous.

in 1918, Dr. Thaddeus McCaine tells Velma Porter and Mikhail von Heflin of an area in northern Scotland which has the reputation of being the power point of a ley line, and it might provide them with a means to cut a rift into space/time. The three prepare themselves for a long train ride.

in 1985, the Coca-Cola Corporation discontinues the Cherry Coke brand, a favorite flavor of the carbonated beverage in the 1950’s. Sales of the drink had been declining for decades, so Coca-Cola finally made the decision to pull the plug on the flavor.

in 1985, an explosion rocks the Capitol Building, leveling most of the congressional offices. Fortunately, it happens late at night and no one is hurt. President Ralph Shephard and the Constitutionalist Party seize on the event to push their radical agenda to the forefront; in short order, President Shephard has most of the constitutional changes he had requested.

in 4693, former Emperor Deng Ziopeng dies at his home in Beijing. He extended China’s possessions outside our own solar system for the first time, establishing the fateful Yang Gao colony in the Tchou star system.

in 2003, the Soviet States of America declares victory over the People’s Republic of America, and the 2nd Civil War is over. Comrade President Cobb, in his statement to the nation, says, “Let each of us look to the former members of the People’s Republic as our comrades, returned back to the struggle after going astray.”

in 2005, Chelsea Perkins is transformed, as she had hoped to be, but not back to her true form. Instead, she finds herself transformed into a small demon. Alma May Watson, tired of mucking about with the old Perkins spell book, tells Chelsea that she is going to consult with the Council of Wisdom about this matter; unfortunately, the demon that has seized control of Chelsea has other ideas.

in 2005, when Patrolman Daniel Evans returns to the gun shop of “Mike and Edna Beauregard,” (Jeanne and Dave Lange), for another bribe, he is set upon by a large group of Save Earthers, and taken into the shop's hidden basement. The head of Save Earth, Chandler Winslow, has come to interrogate this suspected “Claw” himself.

Timelines in today's post: the Roman timeline, the Oueztecan timeline, von Heflin, the Ralph Shephard timeline, the Chinese Empire, Communist America, the Chelsea Perkins timeline and The Claw.

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