Tuesday, February 21, 2006

That Troublesome Priest; Moonchildren

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February 21st, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, Lucifer's host searches for the Creator in all the far-flung corners of Creation, but is unable to find Him. In desperation, Lucifer cries in prayer, “Creator, aid us in finding You!” In his mind, the bright one then hears the Voice of the Creator gently calling him, and he follows where the Voice leads him.

in 1173, Pope Henry II canonizes former Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket. Ironically, Pope Henry probably had the Archbishop killed because of his independence from Henry’s dictates, although it was rumored during their lives that they were extremely close friends.

in 12-10-12-8-11, the Cherokee adopt the Micantlutlian script to print their language. This leads to the adoption of the Micantlutlian script across the entire continent, wherever the Oueztecan people trade, and helps the multitude of nations on the twin continents communicate with each other.

in 1851, Karl Marx and Henry David Thoreau publish their Communist Manifesto, asserting that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”. With this document, the course of the United States of America is set, and the young nation takes its first steps towards Communism.

in 1904, long-range surveillance shows the Q’Bar fleet on its way back to the Mlosh homeworld. Many Mlosh begin pushing the Congress of Nations to invade the homeworld; they want to reclaim their heritage from its usurpers. There are humans in the solar system more than willing to go along with them, including Admiral Hamid, supreme commander of the Congress of Nations defensive fleet. Debate begins in the C.N. Chambers.

in 1918, Mikhail von Heflin, Velma Porter and Dr. Thaddeus McCaine arrive in the small town of Brigamere in northern Scotland. They have come to the town because it is close to a ley line that they hope to tap into to send Porter and von Heflin back to their own time. After finding lodging in the town, they find themselves trapped for the evening by a sudden large snowstorm.

in 1972, the Michael Weller comedy Moonchildren premieres on Broadway. It is so popular that it is made into a CBS TV series of the same name in 1973, bringing fame to young actors Harrison Ford, Suzanne Somers, Lindsay Wagner and Timothy Bottoms.

in 1975, Malcolm Little, leader of the militant wing of America’s Semitic-African Resistance, is assassinated in New York City. The murder was a joint operation between American Bundists and Nazis from the Eurasian New Reich. In retaliation, the S.A.R. manages to bring down Bundist leader George Rockwell.

in 1985, President Ralph Shephard addresses the United States Congress in the remains of the Capitol Building and said, “This is the beginning of the Communist revolt. They will start their attack now. There is not a moment to be lost.” He asked that Congress grant him emergency powers to deal with the drastic situation; the members of his Constitutionalist Party are completely behind him, but lack a 2/3 majority necessary to push through the necessary amendments. The remaining Democrats and Republicans in the Congress, frightened by the bombing, acquiesce, and President Shephard and his Constitutionalists assume almost total power in America.

in 2004, Jacob Sheridan and Livinia Nixon are married at their beach resort in Darwin, Australia. After saving the earth from the Martian invasion the previous summer, a grateful planet poured out its well-wishes on them, and the couple would never need to work again.

in 2005, Dave Lange volunteers to go on the mission to get into the Claw headquarters outside of Tucson, Arizona. When he does, his wife, Jeanne, also volunteers, but the Save Earth leadership feels that they can't lose the both of them at once, and only sends Dave and three others with their captive Claw, “Daniel Evans.”

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Holy British Empire, the Oueztecan timeline, the GZR, the Ralph Shephard timeline, Communist America, The Sheridans and The Claw.

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Anonymous said...

Becket (1964) featured music by Laurence Rosenthal, who also wrote music and the theme for Fantasy Island, which starred Ricardo Montalban, who was in ST TOS and ST2.

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