Friday, February 17, 2006

Elizabeth's Holy British Crusade; Lack Of Compromise On Missouri

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February 17th, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, Michael assails the tower where Lucifer is being held, freeing him and fleeing back to the earth below. “We must find the Creator,” Lucifer tells Michael. “And, we must gather allies.” They both agree, and head for Eden to see if some of their old friends still bear any loyalty to them or to the Creator.

in 1568, Pope Elizabeth I, leader of the Holy British Empire and all of Christendom, launches a holy war by refusing to pay the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleyman II, a tribute to allow her ships to sail freely into the eastern Mediterranean. In the great clash between Christianity and Islam, the Ottomans are forced to retreat, and the Pope wins a great victory for her country and her faith.

in 1673, Jean Baptiste Poquelin, a French aristocrat who made a small name for himself as a peasant’s advocate to both King Louis XIII and Louis XIV, died in Paris. The gregarious Poquelin was a favorite of the people, and much mourned by the peasantry; thousands of them attended the funeral. The aristocracy remembered him mainly for a few plays that he had written under an assumed name, but none of these plays survived the French Revolution.

in 1801, the fledgling United States of America becomes decidedly less united as tensions over the close vote for the presidency break out into violence. The House of Representatives is unable to decide which candidate is the winner, and the supporters of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams take the matter into the street. Ultimately, the country breaks apart, with some states returning to British rule and others simply dissolving into anarchy.

in 1820, the incredibly contentious slavery issue becomes the melting point for the U.S. Senate as the Congress is unable to work out a compromise on admitting Missouri into the union. The territory had wanted to come in as a slave state, which outraged abolitionist northern senators, and they flatly refused to allow the further expansion of a practice they considered abhorrent. The southern senators who supported Missouri decided to back off of the issue at this time, and no new states were admitted to the union until the dissolution of slavery in 1871.

in 1896, Otto Lilienthal, with the assistance of Speaker's Child Todd Rosenfeld, finds a light engine that he is able to put on one of his working gliders, and powers a flight of several minutes, gaining an altitude of almost 70 feet. Rosenfeld immediately reports the results to his family, and Lilienthal's greatest achievement is overshadowed by his untimely death.

in 1918, Velma Porter and Mikhail von Heflin call on Dr. Thaddeus McCaine, an old friend of the Baron's. Dr. McCaine, who has not seen the Baron for some time, is glad to see him, but less glad to see the Baron's wife, Mrs. Porter. While Porter is willing to shrug off McCaine's behavior if he can help them get to their own time, von Heflin is less forgiving. He threatens McCaine with bodily harm, and McCaine apologizes to Porter for his rudeness.

in 1933, Temperance supporters in the U.S. Senate manage to defeat the Blaine Act, keeping alcohol prohibited in the country. In spite of prohibition’s obvious failure, the Temperance leaders preach that it would send the wrong message to America’s youth to legalize something so dangerous as alcohol.

in 1947, the Voice of America radio station begins broadcasting into the reactionary, counter-revolutionary monarchies of Europe. The Soviet States of America established the program to give their comrades trapped under the thumb of these oppressive dictatorships hope and strength in the struggle.

in 1972, President Richard Nixon, bowing to pressure from his conservative allies in Congress, cancels his planned trip to China. The insulting move pushes China closer to the U.S.S.R. and provokes a feeling of hostility towards the U.S. for a generation.

in 2005, Patrolman Daniel Evans, whom the Save Earth movement now suspects of being a “Claw,” pays another visit to the gun shop of Mike and Edna Beauregard, (Jeanne and Dave Lange), and demands the cash in their register. Although “Mike” is inclined to refuse, “Edna” convinces him to give the officer the money; unknown to Patrolman Evans, the money has a small RFID tag in it, placed there by Save Earth.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Speaker, the Holy British Empire, von Heflin, Communist America and The Claw.

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Dave said...

Bruce Campbell was in Escape from L.A. with Michell Forbes.

Robbie Taylor said...

You guys are getting quick at this!

Good one, Dave!

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