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Throne Of The Most High; Wounded Knee

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February 27th, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, with Achazia's minions subdued, Lucifer sends Michael and several angels to inform the Creator and assist Him in repairing the firmament. When they leave, Lucifer begins reordering Heaven, and sits upon the Throne of the Most High. The exhilaration of his victory brings back dark thoughts, but he suppresses them in the company of others.

in 1033 AUC, Emperor Constantine of Rome was born in Naissus. While emperor, he flirted with the possibility of joining the cult of Christos, a Judean messianic religion that had gained a few converts in Rome, but felt that the restriction of worshiping only one god was too harsh. When the Christosians became troublesome in Rome, he banned the religion altogether.

in 1394, Henry Plantagenet seized the Papal Crown from his cousin, Pope Richard II and took the name of Pope Henry IV. This diversion of the Plantagenet line into a distaff branch has been blamed by many as the reason God cursed the Holy British Empire with the War of the Roses; others say it was Henry’s dark arts that encouraged evil to grow within God’s Realm.

in 1769, He’Que’Rana becomes the first Mlosh to speak in Parliament as a full member of the House of Lords. He had been among the first group of Mlosh that King George had ennobled, and enjoyed his membership in the peerage, although other lords often refused to be seen with him. Indeed, half of the House of Lords left the chamber when he stood to speak.

in 1181, Hindus unhappy with the rule of the Muslim Moghuls launch a series of arson attacks in the great city of Mumbai, India. With Hindus abandoning large, mostly Muslim, sections of the city to their fiery fate, Mumbai was almost completely destroyed. This attack leads to a small war over the next decade between Hindu nationalists and the Moghuls.

in 1917, Comrade John Connally was born in Floresville, Texas. Comrade Connally was elected governor of the Texas Soviet in 1958, and retained the office through 1967. His claim to fame, though, was the wound he suffered while riding as a passenger with Comrade President Joel Rosenberg when he was assassinated in Dallas.

in 1918, the snow storm in Brigamere finally ceases, but the town is still buried under snow. Mikhail von Heflin, Velma Porter and Dr. Thaddeus McCaine vow not to let whatever has killed 2 guests at the inn escape, and set a trap that only an extra-dimensional creature could fall into.

in 1925, after a disastrous first attempt to organize a military organization around Adolf Hitler’s ideas, his neo-Nazi benefactors from the future use him as a figurehead and create the German Undergound to combat the surprisingly successful Greater Zionist Resistance led by their comrade Astrid Pflaume.

in 12-17-19-10-18, allied Sioux and Ojibwa warriors occupy the small hamlet of Wounded Knee in the Dakota Territory, the far northern reaches of the Oueztecan Empire. Imperial soldiers massacred them after a week-long standoff, which caused a general uproar in the Dakotas.

in 1976, Ralph Shephard, still smarting from America’s loss in Vietnam and his brief stint in jail for contempt of court, reforms the Constitutionalist Party he had led prior to going to prison. Consisting of a few hundred hard right-wingers at first, Shephard’s charisma propels the young party to the highest reaches of American politics in a scant 8 years.

in 2005, Jeanne Lange and a small band of Save Earthers storm into the Claw headquarters outside of Tucson, Arizona. There, they see strange devices and many captives, but not Dave Lange and the rest of his group. Unfortunately, they have been expected – the transmission from Dave was actually a trap, and they are captured.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Holy British Empire, the Roman timeline, the Mlosh, the Oueztecan timeline, von Heflin, Islam Ascendant, the Ralph Shephard timeline, Communist America, the GZR, and The Claw.

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