Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lucifer's Journey

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February 5th, 2006

in 47,371 BCE, Swikolay, great-granddaughter of Telka the Speaker, has a vision of her dead inspiration. In her dream, Telka descends from the sky and lands next to her. “You are believing something that you can’t touch with your hands again,” the vision tells her. “Dream your own dream, my child.”

in 1003 Post-Creation, Lucifer tells the angels and partial-angels that he is going for a walk across Creation; “I will see what can be done to improve upon the world,” he says, insulting the Creator. Achazia, still at the Creator's right hand, stills His anger at Lucifer, saying, “All things shall be as Thee will, Lord.” The Creator sets one of His few loyal angels, Michael, to follow Lucifer.

in 1811, owing to the utter incompetence of the Prince of Wales, Parliament named Prime Minister Spencer Perceval as Lord Protector because King George III had gone mad. After George III’s death, the Lord Protector simply continued to rule England, and the princes and princesses of the realm no longer ascended to the throne.

in 12-10-0-4-12, the performance of The Priest Of Quetchuan in Oueztec City marks the beginning of legitimate, professional theater in the Oueztecan Empire. For centuries, small groups of performers had performed theatrical works around the empire, but The Priest of Quetchuan was performed in a theater built specifically for the purpose, and this theater gave all those roving bands hope that they, too, could one be accepted and wealthy.

in 1850, DuBois D. Parmalee of New Paltz, New York patented an invention he called the adding machine, which had a series of keys that could be pressed to add up numbers. When the first company that attempted to put it into use jammed all the keys on the prototype, Parmalee went bankrupt, and his adding machine went into the dustbin of history.

in 1904, Q’B’Ton’ra’s fleet is launched against earth; although Ambassador Li’Kanto’Mk assures the alien leader that the Mlosh of earth have no memories of the homeworld, Q’B’Ton’ra feels that they would be compelled to avenge their ancestors. “I will deal with them as I dealt with the original Mlosh – I will crush and kill them all.”

in 1918, Milo Cranston examines the gem that he has taken from Velma Porter's bag carefully. The figure that seems to have been carved inside moves, and locks eyes with Cranston. In that moment, Cranston's will fails him, and he trades places with the being inside the gem. That being, now free of the gem's prison, lays down on the bed and plots his vengeance against the bride of the Baron of death.

in 1941, the German Underground lost its Italian wing as the Greater Zionist Resistance obtained the blessings of the Pope as Europe’s rightful rulers. This leads the G.U. to secretly assassinate the Pope the next year, and influences enough cardinals to make sure that the next pope is a Nazi-friendly one.

in 2003, the People's Marines storm the shores of Seattle in the rebellious People's Republic of America. Lieutenant Colonel Comrade Sean Demory personally takes City Hall, and the rest of the troops in the city surrender, with the entire Washington Soviet not far behind. Comrade Colonel Demory wins the People's Medal of Honor for his actions that day, and was exhorted by Comrade President Cobb as “a true hero of the Soviet States of America.”

in 2005, Mark Ford and Dave Lange tell Jeanna Best about a “safe house” that they have surveillance around, and they videotape the people who show up to raid it. The apartment in Austin had once been a headquarters for Save Earth, but they had abandoned it. The people who raid the apartment take some evidence with them, which, unknown to them, has tracking devices that the SE has planted.

Timelines in today's post: the Speaker, the Fall, the Oueztecan timeline, the Mlosh, von Heflin, the GZR, Communist America and The Claw.

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Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Brian Blessed (Richard IV) was in The Hound of the Baskervilles with William Shatner.

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

No, wait, dammit, those were different ones. Blessed's was 1983, Shatner's was '72. Curse my holey memory. Robert East was in Figures in a Landscape with Malcolm McDowell, who was in Star Trek: Generations.

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