Monday, February 20, 2006

A Great Epoch

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February 20th, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, the minions of Achazia take notice of Lucifer and Michael's activities in Eden, and send word to her in Heaven. She sends a host down to quell the disturbance, but by the time they arrive, Lucifer, Michael, and hundreds of others, are gone. They are seeking out the Creator, to restore Him to the throne in Heaven; Achazia realizes she must stop them at all costs.

in 1494, heretical bishop Johan Friis was born in Denmark. Bishop Friis converted to the Lutheran Church after Pope Henry VIII had Martin Luther executed. Friis was instrumental in spreading the outlawed faith across Denmark, against the laws of the Holy British Empire, and earned Pope Henry’s wrath for himself. He was executed for heresy in 1542.

in 1607, the Secret War begins between the two major factions of the Speaker’s Line; those who wish to take control of the world’s governments in order to fulfill the Speaker’s Dream, and those who wish to continue their work without letting those outside the Speaker’s Family know of their purpose.

in 12-10-19-10-7, Inca is hit by a huge earthquake, destroying the city of Talcahuano. Oueztecan Emperor Kanticli declares the great loss of life, numbering in the thousands, to be an imperial emergency, and aid from across the two continents of the empire pours in to help the citizens of Talcahuano.

in 1299, Riza Khan Pahlavi seizes control of Persia from the Sultan Khazal and crowns himself Shah according to the old customs. Shah Riza abandons the use of Sharia law and secularizes the nation, much to the outrage of the faithful within and without Persia’s borders.

in 1968, country singer Cheryl Ann Vernon is born in Texas. Discovered in her twenties by Bobby Earl Smith, she spent several years touring with him in small venues around the Lone Star State until her cover of These Boots Were Made For Walking hit the top of the country charts. From there, she rode the progressive country wave of the 90’s to her current stardom.

in 1974, Reg Murphy, the seditionist editor of the Atlanta Constitution newspaper, disappears. Comrade Murphy had written several articles criticizing the war in South Chile, and suggesting that the Soviet States of America had lost its way. Although some thought that the government might have been responsible, a disturbed young man named William Williams was found to have murdered the editor.

in 1985, President Ralph Shephard surveys the damage to the Capitol Building. To the reporters, congressman and ordinary citizens who have gathered at the bomb site, he says, “You are now witnessing the beginning of a great epoch in American history. This explosion is the beginning.” The hope of retribution promised by that statement lifts the president’s supporter’s spirits.

in 2004, fans of the film series The Lord of the Rings riot in Los Angeles after the film is snubbed by the Oscars, garnering only one nomination for a technical award. Control is restored in the city after the Motion Picture Academy takes the unprecedented step of declaring that The Lord of the Rings will be awarded a special Oscar for “Artistic Merit”.

in 2005, Patrolman Daniel Evans, a suspected “Claw”, proves to be tougher than the Save Earthers thought; he resists very strong interrogation, and claims to be merely a corrupt police officer. When they show him x-rays of his actual anatomy, he claims they are fakes. He finally breaks when they threaten to cut off one of his hands, and tells the group that he will get them into the secret hillside bunker of the Claws.

in 2005, the small demon that is currently taking Chelsea Perkins' place in this dimension escapes from the Great Tree and heads toward the local town. Alma May Watson is forced to go after it if she is to have any hope of turning it back into Miss Perkins. The Council of Wisdom sends a specialist to assist her.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Holy British Empire, the Speaker, the Oueztecan timeline, the Ralph Shephard timeline, Communist America, the Chelsea Perkins timeline and The Claw.

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Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Damn, that's hard. Took me ages, too - shame on you!

Don Early was in Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day with Rik Deskin.
Rik Deskin was in Prefontaine with Kurtwood Smith.
Kurtwood Smith was in Star Trek VI.

Robbie Taylor said...

That's my hardest one yet - but you were up to the challenge!

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

I'm just glad that I've looked at the cast for Star Trek VI so many times (for this, although this is only the second time I've got to it in time) that I immediately recognised Kurtwood Smith when I saw him in the cast for Snow Day

Robbie Taylor said...

Personal anecdote about Kurtwood Smith - I lived in Paris shortly after Dead Poet's Society came out, and I walked into my favorite Canadian bookstore downtown one day and see a fairly familiar bald head. I walked up to him and told him that I loved his work in Dead Poet, and he thanked me and told me his name - because it wasn't really that common then - and gave me an autograph. We then spoke about acting and France for several minutes before I reluctantly let him go back to his browsing.

Nice guy - completely different from the characters he plays, for the most part.

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