Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Washington's Birthday; The Long Telegram

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February 22nd, 2006

in 1732, rebel general George Washington was born in the Virginia colony. Despite serving with honor in His Majesty’s war against the French and Indians, Washington turned traitor to the Crown when the American colonies rebelled in 1774. Washington was captured in Yorktown when Lord Cornwallis defeated the rebels after the French failed to reinforce them.

in 1799, the Spanish province of Florida throws in its lot with the Mlosh, Iroquois, French and English possessions in North America merging to form the North American Confederation. With Florida joining them, the N.A.C. stretches across the entire eastern coast of the continent.

in 12-11-11-13-12, the Battle of Cochilo, north of the Imperial River, began between forces of the Oueztecan Empire and small bands of Caddo and Apache warriors. The tribal people of the plains, long tolerated by the empire, had decided to claim full independence, and this battle was their first strike.

in 1918, with the snowstorm showing no signs of abating, Mikhail von Helfin, Velma Porter and Dr. Thaddeus McCaine socialize with the other people trapped in their inn in Brigamere, Scotland. There are a couple of traveling businessmen, a young widow on holiday, and a rather unusual woman who seems to take a shine to Dr. McCaine. Both von Heflin and Porter get an odd feeling about her.

in 1946, Comrade Ambassador George Kennan sends his famous “Long Telegram” back to the Soviet States of America. In it, he details that the European monarchies cannot foresee “permanent peaceful coexistence” with the communist Americans. He said that the monarchies would “do all that they could to weaken the power and influence of the Western Powers on colonial, backward and dependent peoples.” This telegram provoked the S.S.A. into a long-running Cold War with the European powers.

in 1345, Sukarno, Caliph of the Sumatrans, is overthrown by his highest general, Suharto. For two years, Caliph Sukarno had been dependent on Suharto’s military prowess to defend himself from rebels within his nation, and had become too weak to resist Suharto when the general decided to seize power.

in 1980, the People’s Republic of Afghanistan declares martial law. Muslim jihadists supported by the United States and several Arab nations had been conducting a guerilla war against the Soviet-sponsored government for the last year, and Premier Kamal intended to wipe them out. Although the war sapped a huge portion of the Soviet Union’s military power, they were eventually victorious against the Afghan mujahadeen thanks, in large part, to their winning the battle of the people’s hearts and minds; the more western approach of the Soviets was preferred by more of the populace than the harsh Islamic rule promised by the mujahadeen.

in 1985, the Constitutionalist Party, under the leadership of President Ralph Shephard, begins placing its own people into state governorships and state legislatures across America. While many Democrats and Republicans resist, the national leadership of the two main opposition parties stands squarely behind President Shephard, saying, “We are one people, with one voice and one leader.”

in 4683, Tze-Chung Chen of Taipei won the Imperial Cup Championship in swordsmanship. The contest in Beijing pitted the empire’s finest swordsmen in a contest to first blood; Tze-Chung was the only contestant to emerge from 16 rounds of combat unscratched.

in 2005, Dave Lange and three other Save Earth members, using hostage “Claw” Daniel Evans, break into what looks to them like a Claw headquarters outside of Tucson, Arizona. Instead, it's a trap, and they are captured. Lange is able to make one last transmission to the main group before he is cut off - “Tell Jeanne that I love her...

in 2005, the demon that has traded places with Chelsea Perkins causes havoc in the small town of Hortense, while Alma May Watson tries to subdue and capture it. She manages to convince most people that see the demon that it is a rather unruly monkey, but this doesn't keep the local sheriff from being out. Miss Watson begins to curse the day she laid eyes on young Miss Perkins.

Timelines in today's post: the Mlosh, the Oueztecan timeline, von Heflin, Islam Ascendant, the Ralph Shephard timeline, Communist America, the Chinese Empire, the Chelsea Perkins timeline and The Claw.

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Anonymous said...

The Year of Living Dangerously included music by Richard Strauss, who also had music featured in 2010, which included actor Roy Scheider, who also starred in Blue Thunder with Malcolm McDowell, who was in ST Generations.


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