Friday, February 03, 2006

Southwestern Flavor; Trade With Vietnam

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February 3rd, 2006

in 47,371 BCE, Swikolay begins her ascent of Kilimanjaro. Because she feels it will be her last chance to touch the sky and fulfill the Speaker’s dream, she doesn’t allow anyone to climb with her; she tells her companions, “If I succeed, I will find a way to let you know. If you see no sign, I have failed. Either way, I will not come back.”

in 1003 Post-Creation, many of the partial-angels seek out Lucifer to ask him of his first rebellion; they all know the story of his stand against the Creator that gave them both their existence and their freedom, but they have only heard rumors of his first revolt. When they find him, he is standing at the gates of the Abyss, and he tells them, “Gather your cousins, and I will speak to you of rebellion.”

in 1399, John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, died without heirs. Although a mistress, Catherine Swynford, claimed that one of her children was the duke’s, it was never believed, and the Plantagenet line was carried on through the elevation of Richard II’s niece Phillipa to the throne after his death in 1401.

in 1904, the Congress of Nations embassy ship makes its hasty departure from the Mlosh homeworld, accelerating as rapidly as it can towards home. While still in the system, they encounter the fleet of Q’B’Ton’ra, the ruler of the people who have supplanted the Mlosh on their world, and are captured.

in 1918, the Baron and his wife decide to spend time in their quarters; their appearances on deck have been too heated of late. Milo Cranston slips a small amount of a tranquilizing drug into their dinner when it is brought to their cabin; when he checks them later, he finds them both very much awake, and makes note of that, as well.

in 1950, blonde bombshell Patsy Ann McClenny was born in Dallas, Texas. After starting her television career in soap operas, she moved to the prime-time soap opera, Dallas, with the role of Jenny Wade. Although Priscilla Presley expressed some interest in the role, McClenny managed to keep it and stayed on the series until its end in 1991.

in 1950, British scientist Klaus Fuchs, long suspected of having communist sympathies, is arrested in Great Britain for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet States of America. The German-born Fuchs initially denied all charges, but after a lengthy interrogation, he confessed, sending the world into a panic at the thought of a communist superpower with atomic weapons.

in 1959, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly announced a collaborative album in the middle of their Winter Tour, in Moorehead, Minnesota. Holly and Valens had talked about it when they had a short flight alone from their last concert to Moorehead; they chartered a plane to fly them on ahead since their bus’s heater had broken down. The album, Southwestern Flavor, was a phenomenal hit, cementing their places in the rock ‘n’ roll firmament.

in 1969, Faisal Yassin and Wilhelm Schoemann meet secretly to discuss what they feel has become a threat to their world, the New Reich they have helped create. Yassin thinks that Israeli agents would be willing to arrest all the neo-Nazis in the compound, and offers to get word to them; Schoemann begins to sabotage the project that has been his greatest achievement.

in 1994, President Clinton ended the U.S. trade embargo against Vietnam. Many had seen the embargo as a punitive measure put in place by a nation stung by its loss in the tiny country, but no one had the resolve to end it until Clinton, a conservative Republican Vietnam vet, said, “It is time to heal some old wounds.” He was assisted in the effort by fellow vet, Democrat John McCain of Arizona.

in 2005, Texas Rangers raid the Save Earth safe house outside of Bastrop, Texas, causing Jeanne Beat and Dave Lange to flee, along with a few others. Unseen by the others, Jeanne Best slips off and meets with a “Ranger”, who injects a RFID chip into her arm. She then rejoins the other Save Earthers, unknowingly giving their position away by her presence.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Mlosh, von Heflin, the GZR, and Communist America.

Today's "Six Degrees of Star Trek" challenge: Connect the classic prime-time soap opera Dallas to Star Trek. Place your answers in the comments and see the Forum for previous results. For more on 6 degrees games, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man. Got it in one.

- Sean

Anonymous said...

Yep: DC Fontana wrote for both Dallas and Star Trek.


Robbie Taylor said...

Sweet. Also a closer link than the one I was thinking of, although my link connects Trek to a lot of other movies from Hollywood's classic era...

Anonymous said...

Actually, James Cromwell was in three episodes of "Dallas," in addition to being in "First Contact."

- Sean, avoiding use of "Transformers: The Movie."

Anonymous said...

Checking other blogs for ideas and came across yours. Nice job. If you get a chance stop by. Vietnam in Pictures ---Jack---

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