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Return To Glory

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February 24th, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, Lucifer, Michael, and their band of angelic creatures find the Creator in a distant corner of Creation; He is repairing a tear in the firmament that keeps the waters of Heaven from washing away Eden below. Lucifer is fairly certain that Achazia is responsible for the tear, and offers the service of his small band in the repair if the Creator will return to Heaven. The Creator looks at the bright one with a strange gleam in His eye, and says, “My child, I feel that it is you who should take a stand for Me in Heaven. Go now and do My will.”

in 682, Muhammed Ibn Battuta is born with Allah’s Grace in Tangier. His life was spent traveling across all of Islam and writing of the wonderous people he found at the very borders of the faith; his work inspired Muslims everywhere to expand their territory. Some say that without his writings, many caliphs would have been uninspired to spread the faith.

in 1607, Conspirators of the Speaker’s Line kill a young German baron who was under the tutelage of the Conquerors faction, replacing him with one of their own people. Werner von Haupt’s small barony in central Germany became the focal point of the Secret War for several years after.

in 1786, Wilhelm Karl Grimm was born in Hanau, Germany. Although the curse was hard to endure, the Brothers Grimm found a way to live happily ever after…

in 1825, bawdy author Thomas Bowdler dies in Swansea, Wales. His version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is widely considered the filthiest piece of writing to come out of the 18th century.

in 1904, a full session of the Congress of Nations in Cairo, Egypt meets to debate the Q’Bar problem. The Mlosh, blamed by many for the quakes of the 90’s and now for the creation of a powerful enemy, are vilified by Delegate Abdul Raizuli of Barbary. “For almost 2 centuries, we have lived alongside them as brothers,” Raizuli thundered, “and all they have brought to us is grief.” In his rage, Delegate Raizuli proposed the infamous Congressional Action 432 and opened debate on its scope.

in 1918, cabin fever apparently takes its toll on the inhabitants of the inn where Mikhail von Heflin, Velma Porter and Dr. Thaddeus McCaine are staying. One of the businessmen is found dead in his room, with all the blood drained from his body. The grisly sight makes the Baron and his bride even more suspicious of the strange woman who has taken a shine to Dr. McCaine, but he swears to her innocence and provides her with an alibi.

in 1975, guerilla fighter Nikolai Bulganin is finally caught and executed by Eurasian Union forces in Nizhny Novgorod, his home town. Bulganin, 79, had returned to his home because he felt too old to lead the struggle against the New Reich, and a cousin tipped the E.U. off to his presence.

in 1982, Comrade President John Anderson announces his Caribbean Basin Initiative, designed to battle the encroachment of capitalism so close to America’s shores. “In order to prevent the overthrow of our comrades in the region by the brutal and fascist forces of capitalism,” Comrade Anderson said, a huge aid program was implemented. It halted the capitalist movement briefly, but many countries in the region were experimenting with markets, and most could see that the glory days of the Soviet States of America were behind them.

in 1988, in a landmark case, the Supreme Court rules that parody is not protected speech, and allows preacher Jerry Falwell to claim a large amount of damages from Hustler magazine, which had printed a satirical piece about Falwell having incestuous sex with his mother. The ruling stifles humorous and political writing in America.

in 2005, the small demon that has taken Chelsea Perkins' place in this dimension is caught by the local sheriff, and promptly imprisoned in an iron cage. Alma May Watson feverishly works on a potion to transform the demon back into Perkins before too much publicity comes out about the demon.

February 25th, 2006

in 779, the Norse priestess Valborg died in Wurtemburg. Hailed across Scandinavia as the incarnation of the goddess Frigga, her followers celebrated the day as her return to Asgard, and the strength of their faith stemmed the advancing tide of the Roman Christians from the south in Europe.

in 1609, Conspirators of the Speaker’s Line placed one of their own, George Villiers, close to King James I. He uses the treasury of England to finance both their schemes and his faction of the Speaker’s Line against their enemies the Conquerors.

in 12-11-3-11-13, the Seminole people, having angered the Oueztecan Emperor, were driven from their ancestral home on the eastern coast to the central plains. This Trail of Tears decimated their numbers and almost wiped them out as a culture.

in 1870, Hiram Revels, an African-American minister from Mississippi, was sworn in as the first African-American senator in the nation’s history. Since freed slaves were granted the vote in the south after the Civil War, the huge numbers of African-Americans there made their presence known and sent scores of their number to Congress. This led to the phenomenon known as White Flight, when large numbers of former Confederates, unwilling to be governed by those who had been their slaves, moved into the country’s north and west.

in 1890, Charles Johnson, the Communist Party’s leading international revolutionary, was born in Clark County, Tennessee. Comrade Johnson was responsible for the successful people’s revolts in Columbia, Uruguay, Mexico and Namibia, and died attempting to foment a rebellion against the European monarchy of Spain in 1936.

in 1918, the innocence of the woman who has taken a shine to Dr. Thaddeus McCaine seems to be proven when her body is the next to turn up with all the blood drained. Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter, while sorry for the doctor's grief, are also sorry they were wrong about her. They turn their attention, and extraordinary senses, to the entire town of Brigamere to find the killer.

in 1957, Buddy Holly and the Crickets recorded their first major hit, That’ll Be The Day. The Crickets became a small backup band during the 60’s, but Holly eclipsed Elvis as the biggest musical star in the world over the next three decades.

in 1964, Olympic gold-medal winner Cassius Clay won the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship against the heavily favored champion, Sonny Liston. The flamboyant young man lived a lifestyle to match his personality afterwards – he spent his large purses as soon as they were won. The Nation of Islam’s minister Malcolm X tried to recruit Clay into the religion, but Clay was having too much fun to join. It all came crashing to an end when he was drafted in 1967; he died during the Tet Offensive in Vietnam.

in 1985, the Constitutionalists in Congress pass the Alien Sedition Amendment and send it to the states for ratification. The amendment strips citizens of their rights if they are found guilty of treason; it also widens the definition of treason considerably, making virtually any action against the government punishable.

in 2005, while Jeanne Lange mourns for her husband, a radio message comes through on her ham set - “Jeanne, it's me, please answer – Jeanne, it's Dave, please answer, I need you...” Before she can pick up the set and respond, the signal dies. She quickly assembles the Save Earth members in her gun shop and organizes another mission to the Claw headquarters outside of Tucson.

February 26th, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, Lucifer, Michael, and their small band of loyalists storm into Heaven, with Lucifer's trident felling all who stand before him. The light of his face is terrible to behold, and his followers are untouched as he leads them to Achazia on the Creator's throne. When he at last stands before her, his trident raised to strike her down, she says, “Does your knee bend to His will again, Lucifer? Or, is this your will that is being done?” The bright one hesitates, and Achazia flees; although chased by the swiftest of angels, she escapes.

in 951 AUC, Centurion Gaius Regis of Rome led his small garrison in Hibernia against the men of darkness, a band of almost 50 men who fed on the blood of the living. After losing half his garrison, Gaius followed the advice of his Hibernian wife and beheaded the Dark Ones before burying them alive. Their leader, Kynat, had to be shackled after his head was cut off in order to bury him.

in 1361, Saint Wenceslas of Bohemia was born. He was canonized by Pope Edward IV in commemoration of his deliverance of Bohemia into the Holy British Empire. The requisite 3 miracles he was supposed to have performed consisted of that task, the healing of a blind girl, and a feast for his fellow Bohemians at which the food never seemed to disappear.

in 1866, composer P’Tag’Lo was born in Boston, North American Confederation. His fusion of Mlosh, Native American, African, Spanish and English music became known as Jazz, and this new form of music set the world on fire. Jazz has become the new folk music for virtually all people across the solar system.

in 4597, rebel Chi-Hsui dies in Manchuria. In his youth, he became ensnared by anti-Imperialist troublemakers and soon rose to lead their cause. He led the remnants of those who had resisted Emperor Min-Yuan in Hanoi, but never gained a large enough following to be more than a nuisance to the Chinese Empire.

in 1918, Velma Porter almost catches someone – or something - sneaking about outside the young widow's room at the inn in Brigamere. When Mikhail von Heflin and Dr. Thaddeus McCaine arrive, though, she is struggling with air. The trio are now convinced that they are dealing with something from outside the human realm of experience.

in 1962, Arthur Kopit’s macabre thriller Oh dad, poor dad, mom’s hung you in the closet and I’m feelin’ so sad… opened on Broadway. The surreal drama blurred the lines between comedy, horror, drama, reality and fantasy, and was a runaway hit, inspiring a generation of weird playwrights such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Joe Lansdale.

in 1970, Pete Best releases his Best, One More Time album, featuring the classic Little Jane, a song he wrote to help his niece through the breakup of her parent’s marriage.

in 1985, President Ralph Shephard places his old friend Harry Pierce in the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon. General Pierce begins a huge mobilization, and makes plans to institute a general draft of the population to build up the armed forces.

in 2004, exploiting the technology they had adapted from the Martians after the invasion the summer before, the United Nations land an exploratory ship on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. The strange, cold world has seas of liquid methane and an atmosphere similar to earth’s, and scientists had been longing for a close up view for decades.

in 2005, Alma May Watson, her face reddened with embarrassment, uses her feminine wiles on Sheriff's Deputy Marlon Sands to get in to see the demon holding Chelsea Perkins' place in this dimension. Out of earshot of the young deputy, Miss Watson tells the demon, “Now, see here, my lad. You can stay in this little cage and live out your days as a curiosity, or you can take this potion and go home. Which shall it be?” The demon chooses the potion, and soon Chelsea is complaining of the rather cramped quarters she has been thrust into.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Speaker, the Holy British Empire, the Roman timeline, the Mlosh, the Oueztecan timeline, von Heflin, Islam Ascendant, the Ralph Shephard timeline, Communist America, the GZR, Pete Best, the Chinese Empire, the Chelsea Perkins timeline and The Claw.

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Miguel Ferrer was in The Stand, and he also appeared in ST 3


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