Wednesday, July 28, 2004

13th Perfect Game Of Town Ball

July 28th, 2004

in 1586, Thomas Harriot introduces the American root, the potato, to Europe. It fails to grow in the European soil, and is never more than a curiosity in the Eastern Hemisphere.

in 1750, composer Johann Sebastian Bach went through an eye operation that completely repaired his vision. The operation, done with new Mlosh technology, was so dangerous that if it had been attempted without the Mlosh techniques, Bach might have died.

in 1932, Great War veterans gathered in the Washington Mall to demand pensions and assistance in living. Socialist President Clarence Darrow attempts to give them aid, but is largely unsuccessful. It is this lack of success which caused the Socialist Party to select Franklin Roosevelt as their candidate in the elections that year.

in 4660, the newly elected Imperial Council elects Li Teng-Hui as Mao’s successor. There is, at first, some question as to whether Mao will relinquish power; but after Dao-Ming speaks with him, Emperor Mao turns over his throne to the newly crowned Emperor Li. The Chdo Democracy had been wondering if the scheduled transfer of power would lead to a civil war within the Empire; with Mao’s retirement and Li’s ascension, the Chdo begin to trust humanity much more.

in 1968, Governor Wilhelm Schoemann of the Chinese Protectorate met himself, Dr. Wilhelm Schoemann, the scientist who had invented the time machine used by the neo-Nazis to assist the Germans in this timeline. The Schoemann’s speak at some length about the New Reich; when they finish, Governor Schoemann commits suicide.

in 1987, famed philosopher James Burnham, author of The Coming Defeat Of Capitalism died at the age of 82. He did not live to see the fulfillment of his philosophy, but died confident that it would happen.

in 1991, Dennis Martinez of the Montreal Quebecois pitched the 13th perfect game in professional Town Ball history. 3 years later to the day, Kenny Rogers of the Texas Sheriffs pitched the 14th.

in 2000, the forces of galactic justice regroup and attack He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Surprised that they are able to muster enough strength even to attempt this, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is driven off.


Anonymous said...

I love the town ball stuff. If you are interested, the original name of the Boston Red Sox was the Boston Pilgrims, so perhaps that is still their name in the town ball universe.

Robbie Taylor said...

Sweet. I've been looking for possible names - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Actually, according to this article, the "Boston Pilgrims" name is a myth; the team was never referred to in contemporary news accounts or popular usage by that name, until long after they had adopyed the name "Red Sox":

Don't let that stop you from using the name in the Town Ball timeline, though, as it's a good one.

Two other good (real) old-time baseball team names you could use are the Brooklyn Robins and the Cleveland Spiders.

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