Saturday, July 17, 2004

Infidels Routed In Espagne; Martians Interrogated

July 17th, 2004

in 590, the Christian infidels of Espagne gathered in force and attempted to oust their betters from the land. Allah was with the faithful that day, because the faithless were routed and driven north, and Islam expanded yet again, as Allah wills.

in 1821, Spain ceded the Florida territory to the North American Confederation. This was their last possession in the Americas, as revolution and negotiations had slowly eaten away all of their colonies on the 2 continents. Since Africa was no longer open to them, owing to the power of the native governments there, their importance in world affairs was negligible. This created a heavy anti-Mlosh sentiment in the streets, and the Mlosh of Spain were persecuted as much as the Jews had been during the Inquisition.

in 1890, the vulcanologists of Bandai, Japan descend on Papua in the South Pacific as an undersea earthquake begins. Though their technology is able to quell it, they look very concerned and hurriedly fly back to Bandai. Many governmental officials start inquiring what the school is finding out.

in 4601, Yueh Chan Juan lands on the moon and begins directing the building of the Imperial Colony there. She is a far cry from her younger days as the first woman in space, but she is more than up to this task. Many of the life-long colonists, who lived under several Imperial Administrators, felt that Yueh was the best administrator they ever had. When she died in 4618, her body was flown back to the moon from China, and buried with full Imperial honors.

in 1946, fascist Nationalist forces under Chang Kai-Shek smashed into the Communist army of Mao Tse-Tung on the Yangtze River. Reeling from the ferocity of the attack, the Communists pulled back, and never recovered. They were eventually forced onto the island of Formosa before the Soviet States of America announced that they would come to Comrade Mao’s aid if he asked it. An uneasy cold war then began between the tiny People’s Republic of Formosa and the mainland Republic of China.

in 1968, neo-Nazis spirit Palestinian physicist Faisal Yassin into Argentina to meet with Wilhelm Schoemann. Together, they begin work on designing the time machine that their new employers need built. Yassin had been working from Schoemann’s designs for 5 years, and was the main reason the neo-Nazis brought Schoemann into the project.

in 2000, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named split the forces of galactic justice in half, banishing half of them to another dimension, much as He had been banished. With their forces cut so drastically, they were unable to carry on the fight against Him, and had to retreat. The galaxy shuddered at the prospect of an unshackled He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

in 2003, the captured Martians are interrogated in a secret Australian base. Jacob Sheridan’s signal jammers work overtime; the Martians apparently have nanobots imbedded in their bodies that can signal their main force. Livinia Nixon grills them about how much water they’re taking from earth, but they remain silent until Sheridan threatens to turn his nanobots loose on them. He had guessed that they used the nanobots for more than just power, and he was right. The Martians began spilling the secrets on everything.

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