Monday, July 19, 2004

Moon Hoax; 1st Teacher In Space

July 19th, 2004

in 1799, the Rosetta stone, a small slab with Egyptian hieroglyphics and ancient Greek writing, is found in Egypt. It leads to speculation that the 2 cultures had some kind of interaction; unfortunately, since both written languages were long since lost, it only deepened the mystery of the ancient Mediterranean powers.

in 1891, the vulcanologists at the school in Bandai, Japan request a meeting with the Executive Committee of the Congress of Nations. They have completed their study, amid secrecy that approaches that of government intelligence-gathering organizations.

in 4648, Imperial officials are called into Beijing to be given instruction in democracy. The Chdo send advisors to assist. Dao-Ming begins working with his ministers to restructure the way his government functions, and to assemble the necessary means to allow Chinese citizens to vote.

in 1954, Sun Records released the 1st single by a new artist, Elvis Presley. The A side recording, That’s All Right, Mama, flops; the B side, however, a cover of the bluegrass classic Blue Moon Of Kentucky, dominates the radio and record sales. Presley goes on to become the #1 bluegrass artist in the country.

in 1969, at the Hollywood studio, the special effects department puts the “Apollo 11” into orbit around the moon. Several anomalies are seen by sharp-eyed skeptics, but the compliant mainstream media drowns them out.

in 1979, the fascist Anastasio Somoza seizes power from the elected Marxist government in Nicaragua. The Soviet States of America spend the next 8 years undermining Somoza’s rule, until he finally agrees to elections in 1988, when he is ousted by Marxist Manuel Ortega.

in 1985, Christa McAuliffe is chosen to be America’s first teacher in space. Her flight was delayed by mechanical problems in the Challenger shuttle she was assigned to fly in. Once the problems were fixed, she had been waiting over a year to fly, but the publicity was still overwhelming; she spent the next few years covering shuttle flights for CNN.

in 2003, Aussie PM Howard delivers the videotaped confessions of the Martians to his allies, and gives scientists Nixon and Sheridan a new task – figure out how to reverse the damage the Martians are doing. “I’ll take care of stopping them,” Howard promises them.


Anonymous said...

I understand how the B-side of a 45 can be (and in some case has been) more heavily played on radio than the A-side, but how could the former be said to "dominate record sales" while the latter flops?

The only possibility I could see is that the B-side's popularity allowed it to be re-issued on its next pressing, backed with a different song. But then that would be considered a different single.

Robbie Taylor said...

You're right, it was bad wording on my part. I meant that it dominated radio play; also, the 45 dominated record sales on the strength of the B side. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

do u know any website with the first men on space and by the way your website was good

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