Monday, July 26, 2004

Benjamin Franklin, Minister Of Diplomacy; Nanovirus Developed In Martian War

July 26th, 2004

in 1802, Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia is named Minister of Diplomacy for the North American Confederation. He is such a successful figure in this post that he is retained by the next 3 First Chancellors. Franklin is cited by most historians as the single most important figure in the early formation of the N.A.C.

in 1848, the first Women’s Rights Convention is convened in Seneca Falls, New York. They create such passion that women across the country begin agitating for full political franchise, and have achieved it by 1870. In the next presidential election, Victoria Woodhull is catapulted into the White House with almost all of the women’s vote.

in 1875, Dr. Carl Jung was born in Switzerland. His theories of dream therapy and analytical psychology were dismissed as hogwash in the 20’s, and he became something of a cult figure, building a following that believed in mysticism, UFOs and the power of dreams. The Jungian cult faded in popularity with his death in the 50’s, but at its peak had several thousand followers.

in 4599, Dao-Ming, son of Emperor Chengzu, is born in the Forbidden City in Beijing. Dao-Ming will be the last of the hereditary emperors.

in 1908, Salvador Allende was born in Chile. The comrade was a great ally of the Soviet States of America as he led his people forward to the ways of socialism beginning in 1970 when the people of Chile rose up and elected the comrade to their presidency.

in 1984, Ed Gein, mayor of Plainfield, Wisconsin, died of a heart attack in his office. A reclusive man in his private life, Gein had no living relatives, so his secretary went to his farm house to set his things in order. When she entered his house, she found a chamber of horrors; furniture made from human bone, leather made from human skin, meat in the refrigerator that was obviously human. Apparently, the mayor had kept this side of his life secret for 40 years.

in 1999, the 17 people who were institutionalized following their discoveries under the sea near Mt. Didicas, Philippines, break out of the hospitals they have been held in and begin traveling back to Mt. Didicas.

in 2003, Australian scientist Jacob Sheridan has developed a new weapon based on the Martian nanobots, but feels that it is almost too dangerous to use. It is virus-like in nature, and if he has programmed them wrong, it might jump from Martian to human and kill all of us, as well. The military orders him to prepare a large quantity of it, but will hold it in reserve until it looks like the only weapon they have left.


Anonymous said...

When Ms. Woodhull became president, did women demand a constitutional right to Orgasm?

Andrew Cory

Robbie Taylor said...
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Robbie Taylor said...

While Free Love was one of Mrs. Woodhull's big issues, the particular issue you are speaking of has proven itself notoriously hard to legislate...

Anonymous said...

If free love were enshrined in the constitution, would that make a gay marriage debate unnecessary? Or would it simply come sooner? And if women had been granted a “right” to the big O, might the “Victorian” age have been quite different...

Andrew Cory

Anonymous said...

We already have a right to pursue happiness, (as long as it does not too significantly adversely affect someone elses pursuit of the same) We just are not guaranteed to catch it!!
I think your big "O" is coverred by that right.

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