Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bomb At The Olympic Games

July 27th, 2004

in 1234, Pope John of the Holy British Empire was defeated by Bishop Philip of Bouvines. Philip was harboring “Protestants”, and John had attempted to seize them. Through Philip’s actions, the “Protestant” community of the Holy British Empire was able to grow.

in 1797, the Marquis of Lafayette arrived in North America to negotiate for France’s possessions on the continent. Most of the European colonists, the Mlosh population, the African slaves, and the Native American population have been banding together and speaking with their home governments about secession and formation of a new country; the Marquis has been charged with halting that.

in 1925, Enrico Caruso releases an album of arias on the Maggie format. When he dies days after the recording session, the album cannot be kept on store shelves, and this has the side effect of driving sales of Maggie-players through the roof. It seems as if every home in America has one by Christmas.

in 1974, acid rocker John Denver hit the top of the charts with Annie’s Song, a ballad about his wife’s drug addiction. Denver also had a hit with downers like I’m Sorry, and often opened for acts like Kiss and Alice Cooper. After a decade of inactivity in the 80’s, he experienced a brief revival in popularity when Marilyn Manson covered Annie’s Song.

in 2749 AUC, a bomb explodes at the Olympic Games held in Athens. The first Olympics held in Greece since the ancient days, it also attracted political dissidents; Romans protesting the move back to Greece, and Greeks protesting their continued inclusion in the Roman Republic. Terrorism was bound to follow.

in 1999, the 17 madmen of Mt. Didicas arrive back at the undersea ruins. They kill a scuba shop owner and steal all of his equipment, then steal a boat to sail back out to the ruins. A voice is calling them all; a voice that many fisherman also can hear on the sea; a voice that sends the sane back to the shore.

in 2002, a disease struck across the Holy British Empire, which raised boils on everyone; well, almost everyone. The heretics and Protestants who had refused the mark of righteousness were unaffected.

in 2003, the BBC reported that their scientific exploration of Loch Ness in Scotland had found a colony of huge monsters living in the lake. Tourism in Scotland increased by a factor of 1000.

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