Friday, July 09, 2004

Zachary Taylor Recovers; Elizabeth Windsor Betrothed

July 9th, 2004

in 1850, Zachary Taylor recovers from the illness that had kept him bed-ridden for several days. When they thought the uninspiring Vice-President Millard Fillmore might take over from him, Whigs in the Congress were elated, but with Taylor’s recovery, they were forced into line behind him. In spite of strong misgivings with him, because of his popularity they reelected him in the 1852 election, and then faded away from power forever with the rise of the Republican/Communist Party.

in 1877, the French-spawned sport of lawn tennis reached its peak of popularity as a grand tournament was organized in Wimbledon, a suburb outside of London. At first well-attended, the Wimbledon tournament faded with the end of the century, as did the sport it had helped make popular.

in 1901, philosopher and Christian novelist Dame Barbara Cartland was born. Her treatises on the feminine mind and Biblical principles sold few copies, but she was critically acclaimed throughout the world, winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

in 1947, exiled English Princess Elizabeth Windsor becomes formally engaged to Lt. Philip Mountbatten, an English attache lucky enough to be working as a liaison with the Americans when Britain fell to the Nazis. The ball thrown for them was the last hurrah of British royalty until the end of Nazi rule; there was almost a funereal air about the occasion.

in 1947, after rigorous testing, Major Jesse Marcel announces that he has encountered alien life and it has invaded earth with plans of conquest the whole darn thing was a lot of fuss over a weather balloon. The Roswell Army Air Base is given an unexpected infusion of manpower, and assigned the responsibility of dealing with various other types of weather balloons.

in 1963, the Ku Klux Klan lifts its restriction against members joining foreign-led organizations, clearing the way for the American Bund political party to turn America into a one-party state like Germany. Members of the Semitic-African Resistance arm themselves as best they can. Since the fall of the Greater Zionist Resistance in the early 50’s, America has been the last beacon against the darkness of the Nazis; with the KKK’s announcement, that beacon seems to be extinguished.

in 1999, tragedy strikes the country music scene as Mary Chapin Carpenter, flying home to tend to her sick dog, crashes outside Springfield, Missouri. Also lost on the flight were the pilot and her manager. A tribute album, The Moon & St. Christopher, sells millions of copies worldwide and sits atop the album charts for 8 months.

in 2003, Jacob Sheridan convinces meteorologist Livinia Nixon to examine the effects of the Martians’ theft of ice from the poles, and to see if they are doing anything else there. She reluctantly agrees; most scientists have been ordered by their governments not to do anything that would upset the Martians.


Gern said...

Huge alt. history fan & just stumbled across your blog. Great work!

Robbie Taylor said...

Glad you found it, and I hope you keep coming back! Thanks for reading.

Josh Barrow said...

I bet the martians want that ice to refill the dry oceans on Mars.


Anonymous said...

How long until some smartarse points out the Martians could get their ice much easier out of the asteriod belt? And then how long until it becomes public which secret police organization silenced him? ;)

Robbie Taylor said...

There's going to be a suitably pulp-sci-fi twist in the plot of the Martian Invasion timeline that hopefully won't ruin it for everybody - but's going to take a month or so to come out :)

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