Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Moon Landing

July 20th, 2004

in 1720, the Mlosh fly a delegation of world leaders to the moon, to show them that they come from space, and are not any kind of supernatural creatures. The first human to set foot on the moon, King George I of England, saw the blue marble of the earth and gasped, “What wonders of Heaven are these that our world can be little more than a ball on the horizon?”

in 4598, an Imperial probe lands on the moon, proving that the Star Fleet Program is able to voyage to another world. The plans for having a Star Sailor land there go into motion, and a little less than 2 years later, they successfully land and return a Star Sailor, Ouyang Ziyuan.

in the 16th year of Ptolerit’s reign, a man is landed on the moon. The original mission Pharaoh Ptolerit had charged his astronomers with had been seeing if the kingdom of the dead was there, so when the astronaut Soranim stepped out onto the moon, he said, “The kingdom of the moon is dead; but our people are not here.”

in 1957, Nazi scientists land cosmonaut Hugo Steinweg on the moon, and the world goes to sleep by the light of a fascist moon. America tries to open negotiations to prevent them from placing nuclear weapons on the satellite, but Hitler refuses to negotiate.

in 1969, the ultimate hoax was played as the world watched a man walk on “the moon”. The Hollywood effects people weren’t as thorough as they should have been, though; the telecast had to be fuzzed or blacked out several times because the camera strayed past the set, or a crewman walked into the field of vision. Still, virtually everyone in the world was fooled.

in 1972, the Soviet Union lands a cosmonaut on the moon, beating the British Space Agency, the United States & the Confederate States of America by years. Boris Andreyev, a man given to few words, said, “Moscow, luna 1 here. Mission accomplished.”

in 1974, the Soviet States of America’s premier cosmonaut, James Lovell, sets foot on the moon. “That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for the people,” he said, as the entire planet watched.

in 1368, Allah grants glory to Mahtab Khasim, who flies through the ether and lands on the moon on this day. Mahtab, planting his foot on the dusty surface and then dropping to his knees in prayer, says, “All glory to Allah and to Mohammed his prophet; the skies themselves are now provinces of Islam.”


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the "British Space Agency" be called the "Royal Space Agency" or somesuch? (Unless, of course, Britain is a republic in this timeline.)

Robbie Taylor said...

Hey, Royal Space Agency could mean any of the monarchies of the world ;)

litlnemo said...

Today's themed entry is just lovely. I especially liked that James Lovell got to walk on the moon in one of the timelines. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

That was pretty darn cool.

Robbie Taylor said...

Thanks - I do like doing my theme days. :)

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