Thursday, November 25, 2004

A Day Of Thanks

November 25th, 2004

in 1720, with the last colony ship landed, the Mlosh have a feast with as many of their human neighbors as will join them, celebrating their landing on a hospitable world with friendly people. Most of the celebrations were recorded, and the recordings became a tool for showing the human race how similar to them the Mlosh were.

in 2617 AUC, a day of thanks to Jupiter is declared throughout the Roman Republic. The festival celebrates the end of fall and the beginning of winter, and had been a folk festival for centuries already.

in 1864, in one of his last official actions, President Walt Whitman declares the last Thursday in November to be a national day of Thanksgiving for the blessings the American nation has received over all others.

in 4561, Emperor Min-Yuan declares this day to be a day of thanks across the Chinese Empire for the successful conclusion of the war against the Siamese and Vietnamese. It is at this celebration that he makes public his intention never to kill his own people again.

in 12-12-9-13-18, Emperor Quitchehuan opens the last of the Festivals of Huitzilopochtle by personally sacrificing an Apache caught in a Feather War. During the sacrifice, Quitchehuan had a great vision of the sun disappearing from the sky should the festivals continue, and he forbade them during the remainder of his reign. When the Empire remained strong in spite of Huitzilopochtle’s blessing, the festivals were never reinstated.

in the Dreaming, the great Spider returned with a web that connected the lost people with the people of the land. The people were so overjoyed at being united that they gathered together all of the food they could, and made great music to the heavens, and to the spider for his searching, and to each other to show their love for their kindred.

in 1864, Pope Victoria declares a Day of Giving Thanks throughout the Holy British Empire. God had spoken to her and told her to lift up from the mourning she had gone into at her consort Albert’s death. From that day on, she devoted herself to spreading of the Holy British Church.

in 1999, to coincide with Thanksgiving in the U.S., the United Nations General Assembly designated November 25th the International Day for Ending Violence Against Men. The tragedy of the weaker sex had come to international attention with the announcement of an end-of-the-millennium study showing that domestice violence against men was at an all-time high, and the women of the U.N.’s General Assembly felt that they should make a statement to all the men of the world that women of good character would not stand for this. President Hillary Clinton praised the designation, saying, “Men need all the protections they can get.”

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