Friday, November 05, 2004

The Will Of The People

November 5th, 2004

in 2068 AUC, Firenzian poet Dante Alighierius is ordered to trial by the city for the crime of fraud. Several citizens of the city claimed that his fictional account of his trip to Pluto’s underworld and the joys and miseries found there made them think such a thing was possible, and they expended fortunes in doing so. Once Alighierius appeared in court to contest the charges, the plaintiffs were laughed away.

in 1855, Communist President Comrade Eugene V. Debs was born in Terre Haute, Indiana. Debs’ travels in Russia after his presidency led to the adoption of the Russian word soviet to signify bands of comrades in America, whether it be unions, states or the whole country itself.

in 1872, Victoria Woodhull, candidate of the Suffragette Party, is elected President of the United States. She had garnered virtually all of the women’s vote in the first presidential election allowing them to participate. She promised the country that “though I may represent the fairer sex in form, I vow to represent all of America in office.” She apparently did; she was re-elected with 52% of the vote in 1876.

in 1875, Susan Anthony of Massachusetts is elected First Chancellor of the North American Confederation. During her term in office, she took great steps to work with European countries toward the eradication of racial terrorists such as the Human League. Since she took office shortly after the nuclear destruction of the Mlosh city of Qu’Mar, she felt she was called upon to help halt this blight upon the earth.

in 1940, Progressive Henry Wallace pulls off the upset of the century by defeating incumbent Alfred Landon for the presidency. With war looming in Europe, the country was unsure with an isolationist like Landon in the Oval Office, and turned to the optimistic vision of Wallace, who led the nation through the conflict and beyond.

in 1943, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sam Rogers is born in Fort Sheridan, Illinois. His award-winning documentary on incest, Fool For Love, shattered all of America’s preconceptions about the problem, and focused a spotlight on it in the 80’s.

in 1968, 5-term president Strom Thurmond is finally defeated by American Bundist George Rockwell. Even though Thurmond was no friend of American minorities, the change is dreaded by them; Rockwell has promised to turn America into a mirror of the New Reich in Eurasia.

in 4699, Emperor Xiao Yang dies in office. With no clear laws guiding them in such an occurrence, the Imperial Council votes to allow its speaker, Zhang Chunqiao, to serve out the remainder of Xiao’s term, and then to hold elections as scheduled. The arrangement works well, and the Council writes it into Imperial law.


Anonymous said...

Man, how'd you manage to forget Guy Fawkes Day? Here, I'll help you out:

1605 - The original Westminster Cathedral in London is destroyed in a gunpowder explosion, killing Pope James I and numerous Cardinals. Some months later, Charles I is elevated to the Papacy; his first decree is that the explosion was a treasonous plot by Protestant agents, including one Guy Fawkes. Though a five-year-long search for the conspirators is initiated, spanning the British Isles and the Continent and expending no small amount of the Holy British Empire's law enforcement resources, the traitors are never discovered. Some dissidents given to wild fantasies believe that Charles invented the Fawkes character and himself plotted the explosion, to hasten his ascendance while ridding himself of his enemies in the College of Cardinals; to this day, a "November Guy" (or "Fall Guy") is a popular term for what used to be called a "scapegoat."

The (presumably false) conspiracy-theory angle works especially well since King Charles I was known for sparring with Parliament. I can't find a link to that page where you have all the entries for each timeline, so I don't know if this is consistent with the others. But there you are anyway.

--Andrew Levine

Anonymous said...

Oh and yes I am well aware that the real Charles was 5 years old when the Gunpowder Plot occurred -- but remember that this is an alternate universe. :)

Robbie Taylor said...

That's a good one - I was going to include Guy Fawkes, but already had other material I wanted to get in, too. My problem is usually too much to put in, rather than too little...

There's always next year :)

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