Wednesday, November 24, 2004

On The Origin Of Species...

November 24th, 2004

in 4335, imperial astronomers observe the transit of Jinxing across the sun. It is an event that will not be repeated for hundreds of years, and the scientists made careful notes of it as it happened. It helped establish the motion of Jinxing across the sky and plan for the eventual landing on the planet in 4621.

in 1740, William Duell of London became the first human brought back from the dead by Mlosh medical technology. Duell’s neck had been snapped when he fell from a scaffolding while building homes for Mlosh moving into London. A Mlosh doctor on the scene tended to Duell post-haste, and saved his life. Some who saw this felt that the Mlosh were angels with the power of life; others thought that they were devils, pretending to have the power only God could have. Thus, this act of mercy only complicated the Mlosh’s early situation.

in 1859, the Holy British Empire saw the publication of On the Origin of Species by Divine Will by Father Charles Darwin. The treatise by the naturalist/priest countered the arguments being put forth by natural philosophers that species arose by a method being called evolution rather than by the design of God.

in 1903, Thomas Edison hires inventor Clyde Coleman, who has plans for an electric car. Coleman is part of the team that designs the Jove, Edison’s wildly successful electric auto line.

in 1940, the German Underground and the Greater Zionist Resistance clashed in the ancient Polish city of Krakow. The fierce fighting on both sides utterly demolished the city, destroying thousands of lives and irreplaceable artifacts of Poland’s history.

in 1947, brilliantly underrated voice and character actor Bill Schultz was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Besides providing the voice for a legion of video game and cartoon characters, Schultz also played a memorable recurring character in Bob Wesley’s Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as the “Howling Mad” Murdock character on The A-Team.

in 1971, hijacker Dan “D.B.” Cooper took his $200,000 in ransom and parachuted from the Northwest Airlines 727 he had taken over. An intense police hunt in Washington found him in short order – Cooper, an inexperienced jumper, had gotten hung in a tree and was unable to free himself. He was sentenced to life in prison at his trial, and has been denied parole twice.

in 1989, Communists in the People’s Republic of Panama step down from power, in a crushing blow to Soviet American hegemony on the continent. Comrade President Ann Richards, though baited on the issue by Congress, does not send in troops to restore the People’s Party to power, saying, “They’ve made their choice and we must respect it. We will always stand ready to support our comrades, even when they choose not to fight.”


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