Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Kurdish Slaughter Of Mlosh

November 16th, 2004

in 711 AUC, Roman emperor Tiberius is born in the great city. At the end of his reign, religious fanatics of many different faiths were plaguing the empire, and he ordered them all suppressed. Although condemned at the time, the move has been hailed as saving the empire from religious civil war.

in 11-15-12-16-8, Incan Emperor Atahualpa weds Oueztecan Princess Cozetmal, joining the 2 empires. In spite of Ouezteca’s advantage in size and population, it is the Inca who become dominant in the culture, and Atahualpa’s line encourages this.

in 1894, 6000 Mlosh are killed in Kurdistan by the Kurdish Army; the first official act of state repression against the alien race in the 19th century. Kurdistan is placed under sanction by the Congress of Nations, and Mlosh are advised to leave the nation. Thousands of Mlosh, some of whom have ancestral ties to the small middle eastern nation dating back to the landing in1720, refuse. Kurdistan is plunged into civil war, and speciesist groups from across the solar system send volunteers to fight on behalf of the Kurds.

in 1907, Oklahoma is granted statehood. A land of prairies and farms, it is one of the first states to adopt the moniker of Soviet. It had been a stronghold of the Communist Party since its days as a territory.

in 1908, Midwestern political activist Oliver Meredith was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout his long life, he strove for justice, peace, and environmental sanity in American life. An actor in his youth, he turned to politics after being blacklisted by Joseph McCarthy’s Committee On Un-American Activities, and gave voice to the voiceless across our country until his death in 1998.

in 1945, Yeshiva University opens its doors in New York City. The small college is established by educators from the Semitic-African Resistance in the hopes of changing American minds towards them. It closes its doors during the ascendance of the American Bund in the 1970’s.

in 1981, in one of the most-watched daytime drama episodes in history, the wedding of Luke and Laura took place on General Hospital. In a twist worthy of any popular soap opera, Laura jilted Luke at the altar and ran off with Luke’s cousin (also played by actor Anthony Geary).

in 4693, the Chinese Empire released anti-democracy activist Wei Jingsheng, whose health had been failing during his last few months. Although he still had ties to monarchic movements throughout the empire, he was too ill to promote disorder during his final few months, and died in 4694.

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