Saturday, November 20, 2004

Liturgy In English; Keys To My Heart

November 20th, 2004

in 1727, Mlosh are granted citizenship among the African Massai people, who greet them as brothers from the stars. The relationship between the Massai and Mlosh was closer than any other people on earth until the Mlosh began to mingle with the Australian natives.

in 1854, Pope Victoria ordered the replacement of the ancient latin biblical texts with “good English words”, as she put it. This liberalization was followed in the coming decades by other nations printing bibles and liturgies in their native languages, and a new flowering of faith in the Holy British Empire.

in 12-12-9-13-13, an overzealous Oueztecan force attacked and massacred a group of almost 400 Cheyenne and Arapahoe warriors who were surrendering to the Empire. When the Emperor heard of this tragic mistake, he ordered the captain in charge of the force sacrificed to the Sun God at the next ceremony.

in 1945, the New Reich begins sham trials of Greater Zionist Resistance leaders captured in their war. The trials, held at Nuremberg, Germany, all led to the same conclusion – guilty verdict with a death sentence.

in 1948, American consul Angus Ward was captured by Chinese reactionaries after he refused to allow them to use the consulate’s radio transmitter to broadcast their lies to the people. The Soviet Americans stood strong with the People’s Republic of China against these counter-revolutionaries, and succeeded in winning Ward’s freedom again.

in 1963, Pete Best’s fifth hit single, Keys To My Heart is released in the U.K. and quickly shoots to the number 1 spot. It also becomes his first single to reach the top spot on the U.S. charts, and fuels the interest that eventually brings Best to the States.

in 1980, United Artist’s blockbuster hit Heaven’s Gate passes the $150 million mark. The epic western tale touched a cord across America, inspiring millions to endure long lines to bask in the 3-hour long movie.

in 1981, former child star and adult beauty Natalie Gurdin drowned in a suspicious boating accident. Her husband, Robert Wagner, was arrested on suspicion of having done her in, and during the trial, it was revealed that Gurdin had discovered his affair with her co-star Ronald Walken during that long night on their yacht. Wagner was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

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