Friday, November 12, 2004

The Presence On Earth; Baha'ullah Is Born

November 12th, 2004

in 32,347 BCE, the planet earth is intersected by an intelligent nanite stream from the wider galactic civilization. When the stream detects semi-intelligent life on the planet, it begins its program of infiltration and indoctrination of a select few, and signals the wider civilization of the discovery. This is the first contact made by humans with The Presence.

in Hellenic Year 3437, Alexandros of Macedon was deposed by his Persian conquerors and replaced by Callisthenes, a ruler more compliant with Persian dictates. Alexandros attempted to regain his throne by raising disgruntled Hellenes throughout the land, but was unable to defeat the Persians under Callisthenes’ command.

in 1759, the great German poet Friedrich von Schiller was born in Marbach, Germany. His dramatic works influenced a generation of Germans after him; his Ode An Die Mlosh, a tribute to the Mlosh arrival in Germany, was used by Beethoven as the text for his 9th symphony.

in 1775, General George Washington of the rebellion issued an order forbidding his recruiting officers from enlisting blacks into his army. When news of this reached the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, a firestorm erupted between the free and slave states represented, and the free states demanded Washington’s resignation. Washington relented, and blacks served with honor and distinction throughout the revolutionary war. This honor led to the abolition of slavery when the United States formally constituted in 1788.

in 1817, the prophet Baha’ullah is born as Mirza Husayn Ali in Persia. Though hounded and persecuted in life, he created the faith that has united all men as brothers, the universal religion we all now know as Baha’i.

in 1948, Jewish refugees from across Eurasia were officially welcomed to the island nation of Madagascar off the African continent. This nation became the central base for the Semitic-African Resistance movement for several years, until the New Reich invaded and conquered it in 1957.

in 1969, independent journalist Seymour Hersh is found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. In the suicide note found near his body, he declared that he had become despondent over a lack of sensational stories from his Vietnam beat. A wire service agent discovered the body when he went to pick up what Hersh had described to his editors as “the most devastating story about Vietnam you will ever read.” No notes were found about such a story in Hersh’s apartment; in fact, the apartment looked like it had been stripped clean, except for the blood stains around Hersh’s body.

in 1980, the Voyager 1 probe ship passes by Saturn. A steady stream of data is sent back to earth about the gas giant, and NASA pronounces the project a huge success. But, Voyager’s data stream is interrupted by something, and NASA stops releasing the material from Voyager to the public.

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Robbie Taylor said...

Lest anyone think I am anti-Seymour Hersh (I think he's a great journalist), today was the day in 1969 that he broke the story of the My Lai massacre. In the timeline suggested, someone got to him before he could do that.

One of the hazards of writing about stuff that actually happened is that real people might become concerned that you mean them harm, when all you really are trying to do is write an entertaining story.

So, much love to Seymour Hersh, whom I wish a long and healthy life!

--Robbie Taylor
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