Sunday, November 28, 2004

First Message From Mlosh Homeworld

November 28th, 2004

in 4216, Chen Gongshi reaches the southern tip of the Incan continent, a land of fierce cold and wild storms. Bravely his ships rounded the land and headed back north, entering the stormy waters on the far eastern side of the continent. Chen called this ocean Blue Ice, because of the chilly temperatures he endured when he first entered it. As he sailed north, though, his perception of the ocean changed, but the name has stuck to this day.

in 1904, a message pod from the Congress of Nations vessel heading towards the Mlosh homeworld reaches our solar system and relays a wealth of information. Since no Mlosh survive from the original generation that landed on earth, everyone viewing the recordings is seeing the Mlosh homeworld for the first time. The first few minutes show a solar system remarkably like earth’s, with several gas giants in the outer system, and smaller planets in the inner. The Science Ministry of the Congress of Nations withheld the rest of the recordings for further study.

in 1929, Admiral Robert Byrd, aiming to make history as the first man to fly over the South Pole, took off from the Little America base in Antarctica and headed south. He was never heard from again; it is presumed that his plane crashed in the snow and was swallowed up by a storm.

in 1943, German Underground forces captured a meeting of Greater Zionist Resistance leaders in Teheran, Persia. The G.Z.R. had assembled a small group of strategists in Persia to plan a counter-attack against the G.U. forces in the west. This capture was a serious blow to the G.Z.R., as it took many of their best generals.

in 1954, the U.S. military becomes interested in Richard Tolman’s parallel universe cult when nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi disappears after attending a cult meeting. Military investigators at first suspected Fermi had been killed by the cult, but could find no evidence they had done any foul play. One of the investigators also disappeared a couple of weeks into the investigation, further complicating matters.

in 1989, in yet another blow to the Communist Movement, the government of Venezuela stepped down voluntarily and transferred power to an elected committee of industrialists and bankers. The Congress of the Soviet States of America pleaded with Comrade President Ann Richards to halt the erosion of the people’s power in the American hemisphere, but she again refused, just as she had in Panama.

in 1994, freshman Republican Congressman Jeffrey Dahmer was declared the winner in the race for his House seat after a tense recount. After Congressman Dahmer returned to his Washington office, though, several young men in Wisconsin began speaking to the police about Dahmer’s advances towards them during the campaign, and he resigned in disgrace barely a month later.

in 2003, Estellians, the followers of Estelle Gerard, storm the Tower of London and free hundreds of their brethren held there. The guards at the Tower were so weak from the plagues striking across the Holy British Empire that they were unable to resist the Protestants, and many crossed over to their side. Pope Righteous I excommunicated all guards who did so.


Anonymous said...

Any hope of sometime getting a physical description of the Mlosh?

Robbie Taylor said...

Watch the site in December.

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