Sunday, April 17, 2005

British Seize Nukes; President Franklin Dies

April 17th, 2005

in 1534, prior to his summary execution for disloyalty, Sir Thomas More was confined to the Tower of London by Pope Henry VIII. Although More had proven himself a valuable propagandist against the few remaining Yorkists in the Holy British Empire, Pope Henry thought him too capable a man to be left alive.

in 1790, America’s first president, Benjamin Franklin, dies in the capitol at Philadelphia in the middle of his first term. His vice-president, John Adams, assumed the office of president, but the young nation was thrown into turmoil. Many urged General George Washington, hero of the revolution, to take power and rule as king, but he was uninterested in politics. He told his followers to support the new president, forestalling anarchy in Philadelphia.

in 1810, Lewis Norton of Troy, Pennsylvania created one of America’s greatest contributions to world cuisine with his Pineapple Cheese. This afterful blending of fruit and dairy was considered sublime perfection in the kitchens of fine European restaurants, and helped America break into the top ranks of culinary recognition.

in 1952, outside of Cairo, Mikhail von Heflin draws on extra-dimensional forces and heals the leg of his lover, Velma Porter. Her new foot seems to work just as well as her old one, and she is grateful to have the use of it back. She keeps the peg leg she had made, just in case.

in 4656, one of the more remote areas of the Chinese Empire, the Samoan Islands, institutes a democratic council for the first time in its history. Following the example laid out by the new elected emperor, they elect a governing Council, which then elects a Governor. Representatives of the Chdo Democracy, the alien civilization responsible for the democratization process, are pleased to observe the elections and pronounce them a success.

in 1961, anti-Castro Cubans land at the Bay of Pigs with support from the American Navy and Air Force. They press halfway across the island before encountering heavy resistance from Cuba’s military, and then the fighting is mainly left to America soldiers. This prompts Cuba’s Fidel Castro to call for help from the Soviet Union, and the world is forced to the brink of nuclear war before President Richard Nixon orders his people to withdraw from Cuban territory.

in 1969, Enrique Soledad, El Salvador’s President and Communist Party Chairman, is forced to resign under American pressure. Soledad had spearheaded the reforms known as the Salvadoran Spring, an attempt to mix communism with some free-market practices. When the population of the small nation appeared ready to throw out their socialist roots, the Soviet States of America stepped in to bring them back into the fold.

in 1997, British Brigadier General Lewis Meriweather seizes 4 nuclear missiles that Egyptian troops had been transporting to the American coast. Since the invasion of Constitutionalist America by allied forces, the Egyptians had been seeking nuclear technology and the British had been attempting to keep it from them. Meriweather likened it to “fighting your friends as much as your enemies.”

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Writer said...

Will we be hearing anymore from the Sheridan-Titan events and the thing about the Mlosh homeworld?

Robbie Taylor said...

I'm not sure how much further the Mlosh homeworld material will go - maybe it'll appear in the magazine.

I do plan on having some more about the Sheridans, and Titan will figure into the equation.

Anonymous said...

Given that our pineapple cheese is so named due to its appearance, and not its taste, I'm curious as to just what alternate Mr. Norton did.

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