Sunday, April 10, 2005

Josephine Baker Dies; Tanzanian Death March Begins

April 10th, 2005

in 1090, Yusuf Nabi, Turkik poet, died in his homeland. His fame was limited to his own people, the Turks, as he was very nationalistic in his writing. But, his writing inspired many of them to rise up and seek their own land, equal among the nations of Islam, in 1123.

in 1834, the discovery of a woman’s personal torture chamber in a wealthy New Orleans home led to the downfall of slavery in America. Delphine Lalaurie had kept slaves merely for the purpose of causing them pain, it seemed; when news of this depravity came to light, anti-slavery advocates declared, “if a member of the fairer sex can be so corrupted by this institution, what can it be doing to our nation?” By the end of the decade, slavery had been eradicated in the United States.

in 1868, the overconfident British are defeated by Abyssinians at the Battle of Magdala. The defeat forced the British to rethink their strategy in Africa; from this point on, they concentrated on the western half of the continent and left the east to its own devices.

in 1919, Emiliano Zapata seizes power in Mexico through the support of his Communist patrons in the United States of America. With Comrade Zapata in place, U.S. policy to replace capitalist regimes throughout the regime with more friendly communist ones hits its full stride.

in 1970, international superstar Pete Best’s backup band, The Pete Best Four, announce that they are beginning a career on their own as The Fab Foursome. While Best does not publicly wish them ill, it is well known that relations between them had not been good.

in 1975, Josephine Baker, an entertainer and spy for the African-Semitic Resistance, dies in Paris. Baker had been such an excellent entertainer that she had been allowed into the racist German Reich to sing and dance for the Nazis; while there, she used her position to pass along valuable information to the Greater Zionist Resistance and its successor, the African-Semitic Resistance.

in 1994, South African troops begin marching Tanzanian prisoners to their country for imprisonment. The Tanzanian Death March, during which prisoners were given little rest and less water and food, killed off thousands of prisoners in a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions; but South African President Terreblanche had little regard for the concerns of other nations.

in 2004, the Sheridans present their tamed Titanian Projection Virii to Australian Prime Minister Howard and his cabinet, giving them a small show of the two doctors singing and dancing. Howard, delighted at something good coming from the space program for once, grants the Sheridans a large sum of money to keep developing their P.V. project.

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