Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mutiny On The Bounty

April 28th, 2005

in 1442, Pope Edward IV of the Holy British Empire was born in England. His 22-year reign should have marked the end of the infamous War of the Roses, but the devilish Lancastrians were not put down even after two decades of holy rule by their cousins.

in 1789, the crew of the Bounty staged a mutiny against its captain, William Bligh. Although the crew were captured when they attempted to resupply in Tahiti, Bligh and 18 crewmen loyal to him were never found after being set adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

in 1818, President James Monroe builds up the naval bases along the Great Lakes as a defense against the British colony of Canada to their north. Hostilities between the two countries led to the development of the longest hostile border in the world today as America and Canada stand off against each other.

in 12-14-2-12-0, the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes surrender their communal lands to the Oueztecan Empire. They had maintained their own tribal government for almost half a century, but with their land infested by Oueztecan colonists anyway, they saw no further need in pretending that they had control over the land.

in 1910, the Mlosh of the Jovian colonies band together and launch their attack on the old Mlosh homeworld. Although completely against the wishes of the rest of the Mlosh and their human neighbors of earth’s solar system, they plunge everyone in the system into a new war with the Q’Bar.

in 1969, Charles de Gaulle is deposed in a bloody military coup in France. His violent solution to the Algerian rebellion had made him highly unpopular, and the military felt that he was vulnerable. The General Staff ruled France in a government modeled after Franco’s in Spain until they themselves were overthrown by the Second Revolution and the birth of the 6th Republic in 1995.

in 1970, Comrade President Gus Hall approves the expansion of the Chilean conflict to the Bolivian bases of the South Chilean guerillos. Although officially denied for years, this expansion raises anti-war sentiment throughout South America.

in 1987, Tony Bennett’s Art of Excellence was released on vinyl rather than CD. This marked the beginning of the end for the compact disk format which had briefly flourished in the 80’s. The expense of the players for the small musical disks placed them out of the reach of virtually all consumers.

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