Sunday, April 03, 2005

Cromwell Refuses The Crown; Bombers Sent To South Chile

April 3rd, 2005

in 1367, Henry Bolingbroke, a lesser Bishop who had been born into the distaff line of Plantaganets, was born in Lincolnshire. He seized power from the legitimate line of Popes and reigned as Pope Henry IV of the Holy British Empire from 1399 to 1413, igniting the infamous War of the Roses.

in 1657, Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, a Conqueror of the Speaker’s Line, refuses to accept the Crown of England. He has other plans, and begins assembling as many of his fellow Conquerors as he can. For his brief rule, England becomes the lifeblood of the Conqueror movement among the Children of Telka.

in 1783, author Washington Irving was born in New York City, North American Confederation. He became one of the first of the great N.A.C. vid-writers, with supernatural tals based on the legends of the area he grew up in, and modern tales of life in the great metropolis of New York.

in 1944, in the case of Smith v Allwright, the Supreme Court recognizes the common southern practice of the “White Primary”, where white citizens largely vote in one party’s primary while black citizens vote in another’s, as a fully constitutional use of freedom of assembly. Blacks protest the ruling across the south, but the southern states prove unyielding after this victory.

in 1952, Libyan soldiers attack the Berber tribe that has taken in Velma Porter and Mikhail von Heflin. The pair annihilate the Libyans, but the Berbers become wary of them after seeing their power, and so they move on.

in 1972, Comrade President Gus Hall orders American bombers to blow up huge portions of South Chile in response to the La Serena Offensive by the guerillos. This does little more than provide temporary revenge for the Soviet States of America, and drives many non-capitalist South Chileans onto the guerillos’ side.

in 1994, President Terreblanche’s South African forces take control of southern Tanzania and begin transporting their prisoners south to camps there. The lack of trains and other mechanized transport forced thousands of these POW’s to march through hundreds of miles of southern Africa. The Tanzanian Death March, as it became known, killed half of the POW’s who had been captured.

in 2004, as the Sheridan’s ship approaches earth, several members of the crew notice methane crabs sneaking around the ship. The doctors stop the ship and decontaminate before they land on earth, in order to keep the Projection Virii from spreading there again.

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